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Here's a fun non-Alien sci-fi horror fan-fiction, inspired by the excellent though under-rated modern film Species, starring the awesome Natasha Henstridge, which explores why we're fascinated by ideas of invasion/colonization mixed with stories and images of human civilization magnification. Are we intrigued by the notion of fertilization dangers itself? Thanks for reading (and enjoy!),



A strange craft landed in the deserts of the American southwest in the arid summer of 2021. The inhabitant of the spacecraft was an alien intelligence from Venus named Rai. She was a fierce but intelligent alien creature who needed to find a suitable human female host or take on the shape of a suitable human female. Rai used her craft media-scanning device to find a Australian model named Natasha. She flew to Natasha's ranch outside Melbourne and found the bachelorette slumbering and merged with her body in a symbiotic process to forge a new hybrid being, half-Rai and half-Natasha. Rai had the mental control and will power of Natasha's brain and Natasha's neural centers were effectively put into a sleeping semi-coma mode. Rai then took an airplane to LAX and purchased a lavish downtown apartment in southern California under Natasha's identity. Within three months, she began supplementing Natasha's considerable social assets with an online magazine venture involving modern model recruiting in California, all under Natasha's identity.

Of course, Rai was not just visiting to run some kind of LA online fashion-industry business. She had the express intention to run the planet and advance a mass-egg laying colonization schema using a number of human males as egg-fertilizer slaves. The aliens she'd spawn using this colonization schema would effectively become Earth's rulers, too cognitively forceful for humans to resist. Rai would use Natasha's personage to both advance her social platform as a humanist diplomat and then use Natasha's visage to create an anti-Earth colonization mechanism designed to completely subvert human species consciousness regarding the differences between human males and females. That's because Rai's alien species from Venus exhibited gender-hybridization traits in some of its members conducive to a warlike stance, since males and females were too disparate in fighting imagination to create a synergy of war mentalism.

RAI: This intention will not fail, and the fact that human males are so susceptible to flesh-temptation will make my mission clear and simple!

This colonization mechanism and schema would require Rai/Natasha to do some civilization infiltration work outside the regular borders of simple capitalism investments such as her modeling online magazine venture for social assets in California. Rai decided to infiltrate the LA underground and crime syndicate known as Black Mask and established herself as a celebrity and media world liaison for special asset laundering and narcotics smuggling through the airline industry and specifically KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). Rai wanted her alien tentacles to reach the full cerebral cortex of human species understanding regarding civilization controls. Rai also frequented LA nightclubs and picked up cops and lawyers patronizing these venues and lured them back to her apartment with her sensuous charms and irresistible physical beauty before poisoning and eating or converting them into egg patch hosts. This thus comprised the full resume of the alien Rai's agenda on Earth that season around 2021.

However, Rai/Natasha was about to deal with a special monkey-wrench during this colonization mission from Venus. For during that special invasion season conceived by the ingenious and dark Venusian alien Rai, a female intelligence of great wrath and intuition, a cunning team of human bank robbers called the Ex-Presidents were busy robbing numerous banks all over southern California and also in Los Angeles (LA). The Ex-Presidents were being hailed as the modern-day Newton Boys and arguably more thrilling and folklore friendly than the iconic Old West bandits Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In fact, Rai/Natasha noted while watching stories about the daring Ex-Presidents on California TV that the bank robbers were fond of taking toy water-guns filled with corrosive HCL acid in completely nonviolent but theatrical diamond heists meant to send messages to America about the omens of mining and using chemical elements in modern civilization.

RAI: I'm not sure what these Ex-Presidents think they're achieving, but they're certainly modern Earth messengers of capitalism waves in America!

In fact, Rai/Natasha developed a secret fascination with these daring Ex-Presidents. These bank robbers in California always wore masks of former US Presidents (e.g., Nixon, Kennedy, Jefferson, Polk, Bush) and therefore earned the alias the Ex-Presidents. The police all over California tracked these capitalism terrorists, certain they're not to be romanticized in the modern American media as a new age folk-tale friendly stunt or showmen team. Rai/Natasha noted intriguingly that the Ex-Presidents sometimes took their heist earnings (cash, diamonds, bearer-bonds) to gift things to the underclass in California and struggling working-class immigrants. These were like Robin Hood and his Merry Men from England. Rai/Natasha realized that if she were to immerse herself in the mentalism of human civilization to accomplish a special planetary consciousness submission, she'd might want to investigate why these daring Ex-Presidents captured the sheer American imagination of capital danger.

Rai/Natasha agreed to befriend the Ex-Presidents by going underground and posing herself as a narcotics specialist tied to the airline traffic in North America and entreating the Ex-Presidents for some of their unusual side-work with blood diamonds in California. She befriended the leader of the Ex-Presidents, the head thief and master bank robber named Karl. They began a love affair, and all the while Karl had no idea that the Venusian Rai/Natasha had already lured numerous human males into her fertility lair and either turned them into egg slaves, one-night lovers, or carnage victims for her alien shape-shifting wrath exercises in her LA apartment. Karl thought he was engaging with a special media celebrity model with special underworld ties due to her special modern diplomacy regarding criminal enterprises. Rai/Natasha meanwhile learned that Karl and his Ex-Presidents wanted nothing more but to be remembered as Robin Hood and his Merry Men in California. This odd alliance between the human thieves and Venusian alien comprised the latter portion of Rai's strange and terrifying planetary vision.

RAI: Once I assimilate Karl and his team of merry men and convert all of humanity into a fertility dome, this species will be our special universal flag.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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