Super Ultra Wide Support and more

Started by Belphe, Mar 28, 2020, 08:25:09 PM

Super Ultra Wide Support and more (Read 423 times)




I'm new :)
I'm an old Predator fan attracted here by the new game. I am (un)happy owner of a 49" 5120x1440 rez monitor but even though the game plays in such resolution and aspect I get the top and bottom of my screen cut away. And so my customisation is lacking the heads and legs for both the Predator and Mercenaries... When in-game the UI symbology is visible and well placed but I'm not sure about the actual FOV (horizontally all is fine but in the vertical I may be missing some of at the top and bottom of the screen).

I was curious if anyone knows more on the subject and is aware if the developers intend to fix at least the menus FOV.

Also, do the devs have an official website with a forum?


PS. Why the hell can the mercs see through walls and have all the icons visible through walls?! What's the purpose of the Predator helmet if they can see each other as well...?

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