Alien Life And Death! An artistic chest-bursting fan film

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Alien Life And Death! An artistic chest-bursting fan film (Read 441 times)



I was scouring through YouTube for Alien fan films, and after a fair bit of scrolling, i came across a small Alien fan film, called Alien Life And Death.

At first i was a little sceptical because the YouTube channel only had 69 subscribers with 500 views, but once I clicked on the thumbnail and finished watching it, i was quite surprised and blown away with the quality of the film since it's coming from a very, very small YouTube channel and with it being the channels second published film. Now the film does kinda come across like a montage/ experimental, so it might not please everyone, but thats art! art is subjective ( alien vs predator or alien 3 is very subjective among all fans).
Alien - Life And Death is a visual showcase of the xenomorph life cycle and progression evolution that takes place in films such as Ridley Scotts original, Alien 1979 ! It starts with exploration, which turns to discovery of new life (face hugger, egg), and Death (chest-burster, alien queen etc.)

Definitely recommend checking it out (click the link) ! btw if your interested in a spoiler review, continue reading!




My thoughts/REVIEW: This is a very 'arty' film, it doesn't have a traditional cinema narrative and a cohesive plot. It's a visual film that a tiny bit requires the imagination of the audience, which is essentially an experimental film/ montage. From reading the credits, the film was essentially created by 1 person ( 'Luke Broadhurst'), and with 1 additional actor (Saxon Gardner), which is pretty amazing in my opinion considering that one guy ('Luke Broadhurst') Directed, Edited, Animated, Acted, Filmed, and created the visual effects for the entire film in a time period of 2-3 weeks (It said 3 weeks, in the description). Let me clarify, even though the film was completed in 3 weeks, that doesn't mean the visual effects and special they are bad, which they are not. BTW THE CHESTBURSTER IN THE FILM IS POSSIBLY THE BEST CHESTBURSTER I HAVE SEEN SINCE ALIEN FROM 1979!

Visual effects : The visual effects in the film are pretty decent, and in many scenes pretty amazing! one of my favourite things about the visual effects are the CGi Alien Xenomorph! the Xenomorph queen looks incredible for a fan film, and I love the attention to detail put into the 3D models. the VFX blood is pretty decent, u can tell it is not real but when it's blended in scenes such as the chestburster's practical effects, it works beautifully. The visual effects for the planet's are good, my one gripe would be the use of greenscreen for the nostromo corridor, as we can see a faint visible haze around the character, which once noticed, didn't look to good :(. the colour correction and cinematography was good, i thought the way the greens and blacks blended together gave a nice creepy feel to situations such as the chestburster. 2.8/5

Practical effects and stuff that is practical[/u] : The practical effects in the film are actually pretty damn good. the use of practical blood during the chestburster freaked me. I was really impressed when practical blood exploded out his chest while his face was covered in regurgitated blood!
the film also did have some pretty nice costumes in some scenes, like in a brief moment we notice a colonial marine strolling through a forrest with VFX xenomorph eggs laying dormant everywhere. One thing I also noticed, that i really admired, was the spooky pine forrest which gave a sense of isolation, also the forests scenery was pretty stunning to look at.  4/5

Acting: There isn't much acting in this film, but when it does show it, it's actually pretty good for a short film. again, the whole chestburster scene blew me away. Not even one of the chestbursters from those Alien 40th anniversary shorts felt as convincing as 'Alien Life And Death'. 3.3/5

Story : There isn't much of a story, which is kinda disappointing because from what i can tell, 'Luke Broadhurst', is capable of creating some amazing visuals, and with a nice story added on top, this would go up in my list of top 5 alien fan films. But then again, the film wasn't designed to have a narrative, and is to serve as a exiting visual ride of planets, space, gore, jump scares etc. through the form of experimental and montage! 1.9/5

OVERALL: Like i said earlier, it's an arty film, it's subjective like any film is, either u like it or do dont, but from youtube reception, most people agree, like me, it's a good film.  OVERALL 3/5 STARS!

Check it out yourself and comment bellow what you thought of the 'Alien - Life And Death' !

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