My Fan Fiction Predator Story Apocalypto Style First Scene

Started by Brandon34, Oct 20, 2019, 01:18:43 PM

My Fan Fiction Predator Story Apocalypto Style First Scene (Read 5,084 times)


APOCALYPTO STYLE - If you haven't seen that movie..... do it.

1st scene: Setting thick jungle, right after rain. Water on large leaves. Daylight.
Fast small footsteps heard with fast breathing. Feet shown running. Hands pushing drenched leaves out of the way. Growling is heard with a blur of a creature closing in. Shows person running again. Clips from feet to legs to chest. Audience realizes it's a child. Growling gets louder. Child screams (more like screeching) in fright. Pans up to see child's upper body while running. Audience realizes it's a male predator child very young. Face looks frantic with wide eyes. Thorns cutting the child's arms as he runs. Close up on arms showing cuts and blood dripping.The child is wearing a necklace made of bones.  Predator child enters a very small clearing but a steep rock wall and waterfall block his path.He tries to climb but it's too wet and he slips back to the ground. He looks at the ground frantically as the growls of the creature grow near, cutting a swath through the underbrush. He finds a rock and arms himself. Creature emerges and goes for the kill. Child is shown looking up in pure horror clenching the rock but unable to throw it. Right before the creature lands a fatal blow a serrated whip wraps around it's neck, dragging the creature back as the whip cuts into it's flesh.

The creature turns and the camera pans up to a fully grown male Predator, skin slick and covered in battle wounds, pulling the whip. The creature hears the child trying to sneak around it so it pulls hard to try and reach him. The adult predator looses footing slightly then takes a deep breath and pulls as hard as it can. Muscle definition can be seen better than ever and the adult predator starts slowly pulling the creature his way. The creature tries to fight it but the whip digs deeper into it's flesh. It has no choice but to turn to the adult predator. It takes a few steps and the predator gives it some slack as to tell the creature it's making the right move by going after him. The child manages to run around the creature and behind the large male predator. The male predator growls at the child and the child takes refuge in the low branches of a tree. Camera zooms out to the adult making sure he made it then the predator turns his gaze back on the creature with a very angry look. The Predator flips a switch on the whip and the blades retract freeing the creature.

They stare at their opponent as the camera shows both of them in a wide shot. A close up on the creature shows it is growing impatient. It starts breathing faster and tensing up as does the predator. The breathing gets faster and louder clipping back and forth to one then the other until it stays fixed on the predator and he gives his battle cry. The creature doesn't hesitate and moves in. The predator grabs a large log and moves in. The creature goes in for it's first hit and swipes at air as the predator moves back to avoid the hit. The creature moves in and goes for another try and the predator uses the log as defense blocking the blow. It's claws take a chunk out of the log and it breaks in two. The Predator quickly recovers and throws four massive shots to the ribs. A full shot shows the first two blows and the second shot shows the third break a rib through the skin on the creature's right side and the fourth shot making a crunching sound on the other side. The creature makes an ungodly howl as blood flows from it's mouth. You see the bones crunch into chunks under the skin.

The predator is too close. The creature Uses it's left hand in a fist like position and bashes the Predator on the top of the head, making the predator bend a knee. The child in the tree shrieks in horror.The creature grabs the predator by the entire head, claws gripping it's flesh. The predator desperately tries to pull the hand off to no avail. The creature takes it's other "hand" and we get a close up of the Predator's back as the claws slowly dig into it's flesh and pulling upwards. Through the fingers of the creature we see the predators eye open wide from the pain and he lets out a primal scream of anguish. The male predator starts to hear the screams of the child. You see the predators eye darting back and forth looking for a way out.The predator stares at it's wrist blades, considering using them but finds a more honorable way out. Camera pans to the broken rib still inside of the creature. There is just enough bone protruding to get a grip. Camera slightly pans out showing the predator take a deep breath and then giving a knee to the bottom of the creature's rib cage. The camera shows the creature remove the claws from the predator's back taking some flesh with it, dangling from it's claws. The predator gives another big knee to the ribs and the bone pops out just within reach. The Predator rips the broken bone from it's side and starts stabbing the arm holding it's head. The creature doesn't want to let go so it starts shaking the predator by the head. The predator lands a hard blow into the creature's skin and it drops him.

The predator is now on his back looking up at the screaming creature. The creature tries to raise it's arm but it's no use. It can only lift it so far. It goes in for a stomp and the predator has no time to get out of the way. The predator uses both hands to brace the bone and stabs through the foot as it falls. The creature doesn't give up. The struggle brings it's foot closer and closer to the predator's body. A close shot shows the predator concentrating on holding the pressure back. With one powerful push it lifts the creature's foot enough to roll out of the way as it falls and hit's the ground. The predator stand up and unleashes it's wrist blades. The predator clenches it's teeth and runs full speed at the creature. The creature tries to take a step but screams in pain as the bone is still in it's foot. The predator wastes no time. He slashes both of the creatures arms cutting the tendons. The creatures arms go limp. Then he goes to stab through the thighs. Once on the already wounded leg and twice on the unwounded leg dropping it to it's knees. The Predator begins stabbing wildly at it's face and chest. The flesh of the creature slicing open and chunks flying through the air with every blow. The predator stops and steps back to admire his work as the child looks on. Slowing his breathing the predator looks on as the creature screams in pain. He then lands a final blow on the creature. The wrist blade enters the creature's neck with a big thud. The Predator braces his other arm as he pulls upward. The camera swirls around them as you see the predator's back bleeding with deep wounds. It swings back to the predator's face and it's eyes are full of blood lust. With a slow strong pull it tears the creature's head and spine from it's body. As it starts to give and the skin tears you see that the wrist blades are on both sides of the creature's spinal cord, using it as a grip. The predator raises the trophy and screams in victory.   

The predator looks back at the child and the child shrinks back. The predator begins to walk where he arrived, staring at the child with anger. He picks up a bag and puts his trophy inside as the child looks on. The predator turns to the child and commands him to come down. The child reluctantly does as he is told. He reaches the base of the tree and slowly walks to the adult. You hear a low gutteral growl from the adult and whimpering clicks from the child as he draws near. The adult pulls a small bent spear from it's pouch and throws it at the feet of the child. The child looks down at the spear and then up at the adult in shame. The adult then walks into the darkness of the jungle and the child follows close behind staring at the spear along the way. Camera pans up the trees to show a large forest and a moon that has a chunk taken out of it.


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