DC/Dark Horse Volume 2 (November 15, 2016)

Started by Ultramorph, Jul 09, 2016, 01:36:15 PM

DC/Dark Horse Volume 2 (November 15, 2016) (Read 381 times)



I just saw this on Amazon:
QuoteThe greatest crossovers featuring Justice League members Superman, Batman, Starman and Batgirl against Predator and Terminators of the famed film franchises in DC COMICS/DARK HORSE COMICS: JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1!

Superman has faced the greatest threats on this planet and beyond. But when two separate new menaces come calling, its up to the Man of Steel to defeat them: the alien Predators and the Terminator machines from the future! Also included is the now legendary BATMAN/HELLBOY/STARMAN crossover, as well as the much clamored for BATGIRL/GHOST story!

Now, the greatest crossovers from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics are featured in one graphic novel in DC COMICS/DARK HORSE COMICS: JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1! Collects SUPERMAN VS. PREDATOR #1-3, SUPERMAN VS. THE TERMINATOR: DEATH TO THE FUTURE #1-3, BATMAN/HELLBOY/STARMAN #1-2 and GHOST/BATGIRL #1-4

Nice to see it includes Superman vs Predator! We just need Green Lantern vs Aliens to get collected at some point.

I pre-ordered it mostly for the Terminator crossover. That one was so silly I have to own it.  :laugh:


Im going to get this just for the Superman vs Predator as i dont think i have it lol

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