The Two Brothers (A Short Predator Story)

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The Two Brothers (A Short Predator Story) (Read 2,439 times)



"The Two Brothers"
By: Arnold23

New York City...1999...

Its New Years Eve...Time Square…The ball is about to drop for a new millennium.

Two Predators scavenge the city.
Two Stroke and S'yize are brothers of the same clan that have been sent to the vast city of "lights" to collect a trophy only few of their kind have a chance to kill.  “People”

There mission is to kill Randolph Spurlock, an ex-marine that has once killed one of "their" kind, and Samuel Devotchka, an ex-general turned Senator for Illinois who has informal intelligence on their species.

They have only hours to complete their last task, or they will be stranded in the city of "lights" with no way home.  Coming back without their kill would mean dishonor. 
The Two Brothers would rather die...

Two Stroke and S'yize are watching from a high rooftop.  Many citizens of New York are gathered in the center of town watching, waiting, for the ball to drop to ring in the new year.  Among the vast number of people are their own targets.  Spurlock is in a booth with other police men and marines.  Devotchka is in a suite on the second floor of the 5/3 Bank.  The lights and sounds are demeaning to their masks, this makes for a much harder challenge.
Two Stoke looks at S’yize and pounds his chest, S’yize does the same thing, this is for honor.  They take off in different directions.

Two Stroke jumps off the high rooftop and lands on the pavement. He then cloaks himself and sets off.  He jumps on top of a small metal booth of V.I.P’s that are waiting for the new year.  He spots his target on his thermal vision, then switches so he can see his brother on another building, S’yize has his staff out, waiting for the green.  Two Stroke looks back at his prey also waiting.

The ball starts to drop, the people chanting 10...9...8... Two Stroke looks up at his brother and pulls out his plasma-castor gun, he hit’s a certain button and shoots it in the air.  An explosion of molten blue erupts like a fire work, the people avert their attention to it.  Two Stroke jumps off of the booth and starts to run through the crowd, people getting pushed aside by an invisible monster.

S’yize jumps from the building and lands through the tarp of Devotchka’s booth.  He puts his staff through his preys body and cuts his head clean off with his knife, he then jumps back out before the others can even comprehend what has happened, and runs to the building and begins to climb.

Meanwhile Two Stroke jumps up into the high rise Spurlock is in and is ambushed by fire.  Vibrant green blood flies on the walls.  He plasma-castors his opponents, but they are easy prey.  Below, the people are in hiatus over the gunshots.
One of the still living yells into his a radio, “Their here, Weyland is right, thei-
He is cut short with a blue shot to the heart.
Two Strokes finds Spurlock, but finds it is not him, he matches up the data inside his sleek helmet and it does not fit. This man was sacrificed, the people know that the two hunters are hear, and Two Strokes is in a trap.  He takes the head of the last victim he killed for proof and evidence…leaving with nothing is dishonor.  As Two Stokes jumps down, two Black Hawks are coming over Time Square.

The Two Brothers meet up were they left off.  They show there trophies and Two Stroke growls his language…S’yize now knows this is a trap.  They start to head toward the ships when a bright searchlight lands on them.  The Black Hawk has spotted them.  Two Marines hang out the sides, one shoots a net gun, the net misses Two Stroke as he dodges out of the way.  He shoots his plasma-castor gun up at the chopper and it breaks off one of the choppers landing legs, emitting sparks.  The Hawk starts to sway and this is used as a decoy for the brothers to get away.  They start running towards the end of the building, the chopper regains control and follows.  The two jump from the ledge of the building, as the second marine, holding a sniper rifle, shoots, the bullet goes under Two Stroke and nails his brother strait in the head.  Shattered pieces of bio-helmet fragments, skull, and green blood spew all over Two Stroke.

They land on a small building below, Two Stroke on his feet, S’yize limp and lifeless.  Two Stroke’s brother is dead. 

The chopper above Two Stroke makes a 180 degree turn and starts to come down on the Brother and his dead mate.  Another bullet hit’s the ground right next to Two Stroke.
The chopper comes down even more as more bullets come flying at the noble Hunter.  Another one hits him in the shoulder.  He takes out his disc and throws it at the sniper and it cuts him clean in half.

Two Stroke jumps through the raining blood of the dead marine and up onto the windshield of the Black Hawk.  He pulls out his gun and shoots the glass, spraying him with fragments.

“Mayday, Mayday, this is Spurlock, the al-”

He is cut off with a strait shot to the mouth with the plasma gun.  The other marine with the net gun tries to unravel himself but Two Stroke takes out his combi-stick and impales them.  He then puts the stick in the Black Hawks spinning blades.  Two Stroke jumps off as the chopper runs into the building adjacent from where his dead brother lies dead. 

Two Stroke lands once more on ground.  Bleeding his own blood, covered in the marines, and panting, he pounds his chest.  He then looks down at his brother and growls.  Two Stroke pulls off S’yize’s trophy necklace…so many hunts together had come to a tragic end.

He picks up his brother and heads toward the ship. 

War Wager

A nice little read. ;)

I love you're ending by the way.

QuoteHe picks up his brother and heads toward the ship.

Very dramatic.


Why thank you War Wager.


Brotherly Love. :P

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