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I thought HP was truly dire myself.

Everything with Machiko after AvP War #0 has been less than good.



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HP and War are like 1a  or 1b novels.  Of the old Bantam novels, HP was the only one that was original and not based on a DH comic.  I also think it was the worst.

Does War explain Machikos "betrayal" of the predators and why she no longer was with them? Because in HP it was mentioned a few times but never explained...

They don't like her, in the comics only Broken Tusk respected her.

But she also found out they sanctioned a hunt against humans.



Haven't really been a big fan of the Titan Releases over the past decade or so, having been a reader since the Dark Horse days...

That said, I recently picked up a copy of Alien : Into Charydbis.

Felt like a slow burn at first, yet I'm 170 pages in so far and absolutely f**king hooked! I sure hope the book holds up this level of quality throughout (or indeed succeeds it).

Overall, it's easy to get into and follow without any prior knowledge of the authors previous endeavour The Cold Forge.
Although I understand that both TCF and Alien: Phalanx are also highly regarded, so perhaps next then.

The last Alien story I enjoyed this much was Stephanie Perry's 'criminal enterprise'.


Started reading Alien Covenant Origins. So far, so good.


Quote from: 426Buddy on Mar 27, 2022, 01:28:34 PMI thought HP was truly dire myself.

Everything with Machiko after AvP War #0 has been less than good.
I really couldn't take any of the AvP novels seriously. I kinda blame the Perrys for how awful modern Predator lore is, fashioning this incomprehensibly dumb concept for an alien species that has mastered tremendous technological feats while having a society structured around might makes right.   Like, who makes and maintains all the technology? You can follow an instruction manual to assemble a car from a pile of parts. You wouldn't be able to fabricate a Ferrari from scratch without significant knowledge of everything from metallurgy to aerodynamics, and to have somehow gained that knowledge despite living in a society with all the sophistication of spending every day locked in an MMA gym.

These dudes have FTL, energy projection weapons, small portable high capacity batteries, optical camouflage, and arm-mounted miniaturized fuel air explosives. The idea that they would focus their entire civilization around sport hunting sentient and near-sentient creatures and still have achieved technological heights is... incredibly stupid. Like "Maybe if I was a below-average 13 year old this would make sense" level of stupid. A more likely scenario is that the Predator from the original film is his species' equivalent of that dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.

The Predator story I'm interested in reading now is about the Predanerds that spend all their lives getting beaten up by bullies who force them to "do science."  :laugh:

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