So, how does this game relate to Colonial Marines?

Started by BountyHunter, Jan 31, 2014, 11:27:45 AM

So, how does this game relate to Colonial Marines? (Read 3,425 times)


I've heard that this game takes place before Colonial Marines?  Is this true?  I didn't know they were related in any way.  Somebody told me that a character from this game is also in A:CM.

Just curious.  If it is related, I'm assuming it takes place before A:CM?  I saw this in a cheopo bin for 9.99, so I'm thinking of picking it up.

The Dutch Ghost

First of all, definitely pick it up for that price, it is a neat little Metroidvania like action/exploration game.

Second, it does not tie into Aliens Colonial Marines, instead taking place in its own timeline.
Consider it another "What if..." scenario.

Corporal Hicks

It was supposed to but I don't know the story behind why it didn't - probably Gearbox messing them around.

It's a fantastic game. A bit too short for my liking but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably my favourite game over the last couple of years.


It was a joint thing between Wayforward and Gearbox.  As Hicks said I suspect Gearbox mucked around with the story.  It was supposed to tie in - possibly when they had the NuBSG writers working on it.  All that's left is the fact the the USS Sephora (also in A:CM) finds the Sulaco floating in deep space and they investigate.  The UPP (from the William Gibson Alien3 script) are in the game.

Shit happens and then some big shit happens at the end which flies in the face of what we see at the start of A:CM (which takes place several weeks after Infestation).

And yeah, it's great fun.  Well worth it.


When do they give dates in Infestation? It's been a while since I played it.


The interior of the Sulaco is rather different in both games. I liked to finally explore the "Com Tower" and the horizontal antennas in Infestation. Always thought what these were like on the inside.

The Old One

The Old One

Thankfully it does not anymore.

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