Colony Girl, Rising Dragon.

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Colony Girl, Rising Dragon. (Read 1,149 times)



Colony Girl

"So, do you think it's him?"

"What?" Dr. Steiner replied. She had been deep in her thoughts when her assistant snapped her out of it.

"Do you think it's really him? I heard he sends android versions of himself out so he can be everywhere at once."

   Dr. Steiner was preparing herself to go to a meeting.

"With all the money being thrown at this operation, I doubt he wouldn't show up personally to assess it's progress." 

   As soon as she had said this, she noticed the time.

"Aaaannnnd, I'm late. Brendan, organize the equipment, stay in the lab, and do not let anyone-"
"Examine the specimen, I know"

   Dr. Steiner had only a moment to think of how pleasantly surprising it was that an assistant could be trained before the automated door closed behind her.

   She walked briskly down a long corridor to V.I.P. office. She was so engulfed in her own thoughts about the project, she could barely make out the conversation between two technicians she walked right past. Some words about a batch of lab dogs escaping, something or other.

   Dr. Steiner's work was, by far, the most important aspect of her life. It had always been that way, ever since she was young. In school, friends, and later down the road relationships, always came second to her work. It is rather a miracle she managed to keep any friends at all.  Most all of her relationships had ended because of this. If she was as passionate with her boyfriends as she was about science, maybe it would be different.

   However, her looks made it easy to try again if she wished. (She didn't.) 

   Dr. Steiner was by all means, a beautiful woman. Her hair, if she ever  let it down, was wavy blond. She had long legs, a slender frame, and blue eyes. She had been told she could have been a model, but never put much stock into it. She wore no make up, working glasses, and a long lab coat. Even with these, she still got looks from her male coworkers, not that she ever noticed.

   After walking a good five minutes on floor grates, and passing at least a dozen products with the large, obnoxious WY logo on them, Dr. Steiner reached the V.I.P office.  The automated door opened, and she slid in, hoping to be as quiet as possible.

"The brain of the xenomorph appears to have 4- Ahh, I'm so glad you could join us, Dr. Steiner."

It didn't work. Four out of the five men in the room all watched her slide into a chair next to the door.

Doctors Groves, Eisenberg, Chang, and Isaacs looked at Steiner in irritation. Although she had a habit of being late to meetings, it was more than that. Most of the other doctors viewed her presence annoying and unnecessary. While they all were currently studying recovered xenomorph specimens, she was a geneticist tasked with studying the DNA of the aliens. They would be fine with that (even though they didn't think there was nearly enough research to start that) if it wasn't being done by a woman that looked like she was a cheerleader right out of college. Then her tardiness, and seemingly absent mindedness, when in reality she was always thinking about work. Finally, it was her pride. After she mapped the xenomorphs DNA, she was supposed to figure out how to create a hybrid. She had taken on the latter project just to prove she was capable.

Groves continued to talk about the teams discoveries.

"This part of the brain seems to be responsible for-"
"Dr. Steiner, how is your project coming along?" Said a raspy voice.

This voice belonged to the man that didn't look up when she had entered the room. The V.I.P. with his head down in paper work and a laptop was Micheal Bishop Weyland. He was CEO and majority share holder of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. He was one of the wealthiest, and most powerful men in the known galaxy. He had a charitable public face, but was cold, and frightening in person. 

"Huh?" Dr. Steiner replied, drawing her attention back the the meeting.

Weyland put his pen down, and lifted his head up.

"Your project, Dr. Steiner." He replied.

" well I brought these to show."

   She said as she walked through the opening made by her colleagues that were all now staring at her like she just spilled an acid on their project. Trying her best to ignore them, she placed a number of charts, and reports on the desk. As Weyland glanced over them, Dr. Steiner continued,

   "As you can see the genetic mapping is going slower than expected. Even though the samples we are working with are non acidic, they degrade very quickly, making DNA extraction difficult. We have had to piece much together. Also, the hybridization is not going as expected. The xenomorph DNA we have encountered so far most resembles that of a female. It does not splice well with human male DNA. At varying ratios, most often it degrades. Even if it is stable enough to go through the quick cloning process, all specimens have melted down. So, I propose a solution. Human female DNA instead of male, and a real time clone. Now I know that-"

Weyland cut her off, setting down the paper he said, "Dr. Steiner, when I gave you this project, I gave two requirements, what were they?"

Dr. Steiner slightly pursed her lips, and replied, "That the hybrid be male, and be done via accelerated cloning."

"Now your proposal has failed to meet either of those requirements."

"Yes, but Mr. Weyland-"

He cut her off again, "Dr. Steiner, when I selected you for this project I did so for more than your impressive skill level. I also selected you for your tenacity, your willingness to push the limits, and your out of the box thinking. I assume you have already began working on this hybrid?"


He leaned his head down again and resumed work.

"I want it terminated within the hour."

"Mr. Weyland, please! This pro-" 

He looked up at her and said "Within the hour. If you don't, I will have it done by someone else."

Dr. Steiner stared at him in frustration as he resumed work again. Weyland asked Dr. Groves to continue without a glance up, and she stormed out.

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