If Aliens: Crucible was still in production

Started by Rebel-Blood, Aug 16, 2009, 01:16:27 AM

Do you think Aliens rpg would have been good?

Hell yes!!!!!
If Aliens: Crucible was still in production (Read 4,176 times)


Now that Aliens rpg is gone well ive been reading a few results from the other topics and some people seem to like the idea I dont get why though but maybe it might have been good who knows.....

Pred Killer

Hell yes!!!!!

First option.

sgt ric

I SAY A BIG HELL YEA , too bad they are not making it anymore

Private Hudson

I think it'd be alright, but I can't say I liked some of the concept art aliens... I mean they look like they belong on the KENNER line of Alien figures.

TJ Doc

I just can't see Aliens working as an RPG. I had my doubts since the beginning.


RPG's are all so stereotypical storylines. So yep! ;D Would have been nice to see something different.

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