Predator 3: Vengeance for Wolf

Started by B-Rad G, Aug 19, 2008, 07:50:45 PM

Predator 3: Vengeance for Wolf (Read 128,158 times)



No shout-out to the film adaptation :(

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion

I did inform them about it. Since this is a fanfiction review team I don't think they would have covered that. Perhaps I should write a sequel.



You'll be the hero of this forum if you do.



I watch the video while reading the fan fiction  :laugh:. For once I thank Twin Drive for doing something awesome.

Twin Drive Sigma Aquarion

Come back over Christmas when they read my Christmas story about Dracula fighting Santa Claus over the world's porn supply. ;)

Space Sweeper

That sounds incredible, TD.



stupid very stupid



Check out the film :D




Quote from: B-Rad G on Aug 19, 2008, 07:50:45 PM
Yo my friends, here my super awesome Predator 3 story. Go easy on me cuz it my first fan ficton. It about The Elder to come earth and take down Vengeance for The Wolf. All the people from AVPR are in this story as well  ;D!

Predator III: Vengeance for Wolf

Screenplay by Robby

the Predator characters created by Jim Thomas and John Thomas.

Based on the Dark Horse comic book series


Fade from black...

We see a huge ship in space passing by Mars. After a moment, we begin to see stars form all over the screen. Little bit by little bit more and more stars appear.

Then fadein into the ship and then see four predators on the ship walking on the top and gurding it from the outside. Suddenly, we see some type of star ship appear from the left side of the screen. Then those star ships fly down at the top of ship. After the ships arrive on top of the ship, we see two predators walking out of the ship and walking to the other four predators who where gurding the ship. One of the other predator who walk out of the ship pull out a credit card out of his pocket and hands it to the predator gurds on the ship. The card it self has a message and must send to the Elder said The Predator gurd and the other predators runs to the door.

After runing to the door, the predator gurd bumps his head at the wall and falls on the ground. Then the elder walks into the hallway and see the gurd on the ground. He gives them a hand and picks them off the ground. After the Gurd got up, he hands the elder the credit and the elder has no cule what the hell is going with the card. After the moment, the elder walks to the computer attact to the wall in the hallway and puts the card into the computer. It truns out the Wolf is dead and the Elder begins to scream like crazy, to found out that his son is dead.

"Those mother f**kers are going to die. Pay back is like bitch" said the Elder Predator.

Then the Elder Predator runs to the space pod and enter into the pod, then pod flashs a red light and said "Ready to go" said in a robot like voice. The elder predator begins to push buttons and the pod closes then the pod flys out of ship and heads to earth.

'Wolf! Forgive for my sins!" Said the Elder Predator.

Ext. Pentagon & control center – Day.

We see the colony's control center. Then in the pentagon, we see a group of people in the control center watching a big control screen of the earth. We see other workers walking around, giving papers to others, answer phone calls and typing up information into the colony's database. Then all sudden we see a huge big red dot on the screen and all of the people are talking out loud saying what going on.

Then we see a NASA person walking into the door and talks about it going on. "It looks like there a comit heading to earth" said the NASA person. Everyone is worried that the earth is damge and then we see a random person runing to the door and gabs a gun then kills his self because he thinks the earth is doom. Then there is blood and guts all over the ground and the president hears the sound, and walks to the room.

Barack Obama: "What was that sound and who killed the guy?"

NASA person: "He killed him self"

Barack Obama: "Say what?"

NASA person: "That right. He killed himself because he thought we are all doom due a unkown object heading to the earth"

Barack Obama: "Do we know what it is?"

NASA person: "Not really but i doubt it major"

Barack Obama: "I think we should keep it a sercet and not tell anyone about it like the event back in 2004 when we droop the bomb to wipe out those unknow group of animals"

FBI agent: "Good idea if anyone know about it then we should just say it a star then a comit that we will kill people"

FBI agent: "I like the idea. After we love keeping the stuff from people"

Barack Obama: "You guys take care of it. I will be going back to my office eating my KFC.

After the presdient went to his office, we see a FBI agent making a phone call.

FBI agent: "I know what it....over"

Yutani: "I know....a alien ship"

FBI agent: "I will talk to you later"

Then outside we a group of people outside in DC then a Space probe begins to enter Earth's atmosphere and becomes engulfed in a flame. a FBI agent stops to see something on fire falling from the clouds. The probe hits the ground creating a little crator.

FBI agent: "Nothing to see here people. Go back to your everyday lives and let us take care of this"

Then a huge clouds of smoke appear and the elder predator runs out of the pod then escape. After the smoke disappears, it looks like the pod was empety and nothing was there.

Off in the forest, we see the Elderpredator walking in the woods and follows it up to a group of people heading into the Elder Predator ways.

Hooker #1: "Hey baby!"
Hooker #2: "You want some of this?"

Disgusted, The Elder Predator continues walking down the alley. This one hooker walks in front of the Elder Predator.

Juney: My name is Juney and I'm horny. Want to play, bad boy?

The Elder Predator ignores her and walks passed her. Celine grabs the Elder Predator leg

Celine: "I'm Celine, a friend of Juney. I see your out of town and i love your hair"

Jumey: "It looks so cool and your mask is awesome to. Now show me your face".

Then the hookers take off all there shirts and pants then try to have sex with The Elder Predator. turns around and chops off Celine's arm. Then all of the other hookers ran alway until The Elder Predator use a flame throw and kill them.

Elder Predator: "Im...must...go"

Then Elder Predator walks alway and begins to cover the dead bodies alway so knows what happens.

Chapther 2 is next and talks about what happen to Kelly O'Brien family and how things have been going since AVPR.

Dude! 😅 this shit is crazy! Never had this much in ages! And the fact that this was posted 3 days before my 11th B-Day makes it all so special! No hate. I want "CHAPTHER 2"

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