is predator concrete jungle good?? ( im new here )

Started by predatorguy07, Mar 23, 2008, 10:00:22 PM

is predator concrete jungle good?? ( im new here ) (Read 12,246 times)


Yeah, this is definatly a great game. There were parts where as a predator fanboy, I started going crazy, and there were moments where I felt like a true badass predator, because of the cutscenes where Lucretia starts freaking out that you're coming to get her. :D


I will never stress this enough...if you're a big fan of the Predator then you wil enjoy the hell out of this game, otherwise just steer clear away from it.


I suggest you try a game for yourseld and not go by reviews.... most reviews of this game are very poor, but i had it the day of release and LOVED it!!! its great.... gta with predator.... 8)



I just bought this yesterday. Damn, people werent kidding when they said the controls on this game suck. I just finished the 1st level. The cloak is cool and some of the moves are cool too but it's hard to sneak up on someone to skull rip them.


it gets easy, just gota get the hang of it, i found it east after like the first hour, you just gota walk slow as f**k....


I just finished this game yesterday. Man, that was a really awesome game. I like how scarface uses voice mimicry back at people he kills during the cutscenes. "what i've done to men you wouldnt believe"  8)
I got all the weapons and costumes as well. I didnt bother with the ritual challenges. It would have been cooler if you would have seen scarface get awarded by the clan leader for fulfilling his mission and reclaiming his honor.


Loved the game! The graphics don't make a game, the gameplay does. The controls took awhile, but you get a hang of them. I would recommend it. 8/10


I actually own this game for my PS2 the only thing you really need is alot of paticene because the game can be so difficult at times currently  im stuck on the level called Ten Thousand Ways To Die and its driving me crazy!


The game is broken. Period. Don't buy it


what do you mean it's "broken"?


Great game... I was finally able to buy it ORIGINAL  ;D... after 2 years of playing it on a clone-copy  and... yeap, it plays exactly the same :D.  If only I could have bought it brand new  :'(


its a good game, but if you only like games with good graphics then... well then i dont like you very much  ;D i miss it (my CD broke)

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