Aliens: New Infection (Revised Edition)

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Aliens: New Infection Revised.


   Havenland was the premier colonial establishment set in 2394. This was the world were excess was at its highest, and people could forget their problems. The colony was considered paradise to some, hell to others, but plenty of jobs were available. Almost anyone was eligible for employment. Jobs ranged from terra technician, to particle physics. The place was endless with opportunity till July 12, 2394.

   When July 12 came, everything stopped. The news stations spoke about reports of a crashed research vessel near the Galium range. The large ship had attracted the attention of several investors, scientific investors. These scientists saw the ship as their ticket to get in on some of latest technology. The massive ship had the letters UMS Victoria on its sides. It seems that the navigation systems had went out, causing the ship to crash.

   The scientific investors hailed from the newly reformed Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Having the newly designed logos made them appears friendly on public safety terms. Perhaps the company has given up on its endeavors to gather some of the most deadly species that mankind had safely forgotten over the years.

   3 weeks later, a wide spread infection had leveled the paradise colony. What used to be thick lush jungle was now covered in slimy goo. For 100 miles, the colony was covered. The colony was considered lost, but for reasons unknown, the Corporate Conglomerate wanted to seize control. The Conglomerate decided that the best way to deal with the problem was to send an elite unit to deal with the issue. 

   For days on in, colonists fled their lush city and went into hiding, hoping to escape the horrors that flooded the city and the surrounding jungle. A group of colonists and scientists found a evacuation pad on the outskirts of the jungle. Upon reaching the pad, they found the escape vehicle covered in mucus like material. Armed with small arms, they make their way to the pod, only to get ambushed by creatures with heads shaped like bananas. One woman makes a run for the vessel as the others fight the creatures off. The man with an assault rifle fires rounds into the approaching horde as she attempted to get the craft going.

   The man managed to hold off the creatures till she got the pod ready. Seeing that the coast was clear, the man runs to the pod to meet up with the woman, only to get impaled by a creature's scorpion-like tail. The man was lifted and then ripped in two by a larger creature that had a fully armored cowl with horns that protruded from its head. Death was instantaneous as he was ripped like rag doll, his upper and lower split apart. The woman looked in horror as the large creature made its way to the pod. Frantically punching the launch button, she escaped.

         Chapter 1: Genesis Project

   A large ship hovers over a facility in the night sky. A cargo door opens revealing soldiers carrying some classified cargo into facility below. One of the soldiers was a man with a scar on his face. He looked as if life had beaten him severely as he walked. The cargo was a large canister, size enough to fit a human inside. The letters marked on the pod marked: X1109. A doctor walked up to the man and asked what it was. The man, offering no explanation, handed the man a pad  to sign the cargo off. The doctor reluctantly snatches the pad and signs off on it, entering a comment "This had damn better be worth the trouble." The man smirked, snatching the pad back, replied with "You bet your egg headed ass it is. It's a discovery of a lifetime."

   As the soldiers moved the canister into to a lab with several others that looked just like it, a woman lying on an operating table in the other room had some work done to her. The doctor, stopping what he was doing, walked into the lab, forcing the others to leave. The other subordinates left the room. Alone with the woman, he reaches over and picks up a data pad to scan for who she is. A name comes up in the database: Rebecca Chelsey. Scanning through, he finds more information results. The results were posted as:

Rebecca Chelsey

Age: 23
DOB: Unknown

Remarks: Subject was artificially grown in the Ceti-Dephi Labs on Otha-12. As the subject matured, she developed a genius level intellect in combat. Subject was strengthened through gene therapy while an embryo, with some cells from Ripley's DNA located on Fury-161. All other information is classified.

   Clicking off the PDA, the doctor looks Rebecca in the eyes and noticed four blinking light behind them. "Amazing, she's aware of my presence, even as she sleeps," he said with childlike glee. After observing her for a few moments, he leaves the room.

   As he left the room he asked the senior doctor about Rebecca and what she was doing at the base. "Dr Amani, what is she? How did we get her?" Dr Amani was a man in his mid 40's with a somewhat stern yet friendly look to him. "She was discovered floating in a pod that was recovered from the Havenland incident 2 years earlier. Reports suggest that she was the only survivor in an alien infection that overtook the colony. It states that she was part of a elite seal team sent in to deal with the problem, but all of them were wiped out as a result, leaving only her to escape." Amani said to the young doctor.

   Amani and the young doctor leave the room, allowing her to sleep. Inside her mind, she dreamed of nightmares involving the incident. The dream begins with a flash back to her past. She is in the jungle with a seal team sent out to locate and destroy the source of the infection. Walking through the dense forest at night was one of the most dangerous things to do. The aliens used the forest as a hive, spawning thousands upon thousands.

   Rebecca looks around and spots the entrance to the hive. The hive was the largest ever seen. The entire jungle base had been converted to a cocoon. Raising their weapons, they entered the hive. The inside was as large as a football stadium. Getting on the radio, she called for a fire support team. "This is Seal Team Coyote, we just located the target. Do not fire bomb target until we locate the hostages." Rebecca said. All that could be heard on the end was white noise. "Damn hive is f**king with the signals, we need to get to higher ground," one of the seals said.

   The seals continued their walk throughout the large hive. In combat armor with the latest technology, they were more than equipped to handle the situation. From her acute eyesight, she could see in the dark without the need for night vision goggles. She scanned the area ahead only to see figures moving in the dark. "Hold position, we just contacted hostiles," she whispered to the other team. Hissing could be heard in unison as the creatures formed rows and rows around the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was unlike the previous generation. She could move around without being permanently confined to the hive. In fact, the Queen Mother had the intelligence of a human at times. Using a massive hive with several thousand eggs, she single handily took over city, using the sewers and various underground networks. The entire infestation took only 24 hours.

   The aliens, with their naturally enhanced senses sensed the humans in the hive. The Queen Mother telepathically orders the aliens not to kill them, but to capture them. The creatures then turned their attention to the main access doors and the ducts that ran throughout the hive. In seconds, the aliens left the Queen Mother in search of the intruders. Hissing was used to convey messages and strategy to the others. It was a more of a bonding situation.

   In the hallway, Rebecca and the seal team could hear the hissing behind them. Moments later, the aliens ghosted the teams position to lure them into main hive. Spotting the creatures, Rebecca ran to the access elevator as one of the seals was captured by one of the creatures. Turning around, she fired several rounds at the creature. The rounds hit the alien in the head as its acid blood spew onto the walls. The seal that was pinned down managed to kick the creature off him and make his way to Rebecca and the others. "Nice shooting, glad we have you in our squad," he replied. She said nothing as the elevator door closed.

   The large service was tailed by more of the creatures snaking their way up the shaft. Looking above her, she fired over the edge, dispatching several more on the way to the lair of the Queen Mother. The mission was a relatively simple one: the destruction of the Queen Mother. As simple a mission it sounds on paper, the reality is that no one was lived long enough to see a Queen Mother and escape it.
The biggest problem was that a Queen Mother is much larger than the Queen herself. The queen was 1/5 the size of the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was no doubt at the top of the food chain.

   On the elevator, Rebecca and the others stop at the lower basement of the facility. The doors opened to reveal a area that was covered with rusty ductwork. Rebecca kept her rifle in front of her as she and the rest of the team worked their way through the underground passage way. The place smelled like a sewage processor plant. On the walls, the resin was everywhere, hardened like ice. One of the members touches the resin, to see that it was cold. "Man, this stuff is cold! Sure wouldn't mind this during the summers," the fellow seal replied.

   The Queen Mother was in the central cargo room controlling the aliens in the attack against the seal team. She must have known that the humans wanted to destroy her and her precious hive, so using the aliens as tools was her best line of defense. The Queen Mother finally raised her bladed head and let out a loud screech. The sound could be heard throughout the facility. Anytime a Queen screeches, it was time for the humans to die. The aliens went from capture to aggressive maneuvers this time. No more trying to capture a human, it was more of a fight to the death.
   The screeching terrified some of the seals. "Oh dear God, we pissed it off. They are gonna come for us now. We are f**ked!" one of the seals said. Rebecca turned around and looked at the man. "Look, we knew what could happen when we chose the operation. We need to stop these things from leaving the planet. Maybe they will send some colonial marines to assist us in the fight," another seal said. Rebecca cut in to squash the rumor. "The marines are busy in a clean up on LV-908, so a dispatch to them is not a option at the moment. Clarence, make sure you arm the flashbomb once we reach the inner chamber. This facility needs to be leveled so nothing escapes." Rebecce said to the muscular seal member. Clarence wore blue contacts and had a penchant for planting explosives. "No problem" he responded.

   The team came upon a group of bodies whose chests were exploded outward. Looking at the bodies, Clarence shook his head. "Poor bastards didn't stand a chance. Facehuggers got to 'em before they had a chance to respond." The look on his face stated that something really bad was going to happen. He just had a sixth sense about these things.


Cool, I can't wait for more installments.



The entire teamed looked though the ruins. Nothing but dead bodies. Clarence's mind raced as he thought about what could have killed the colonists. Reports of Xenomorph activity had been relatively minor. The Marine detachment delta had declared the planet outpost officially silent. This hive was so far underground that not even a SATE-COM system was able to detect it. Clarence lugged the thermo flasher device behind him. Rebecca noticed something odd in the distance. "Ok team, split and search by twos." she ordered.

      As the creature screeched again, Rebecca stopped in her tracks. The Motion tracker went crazy with movement. "f**k, we got hostiles, cover fire, cover fire!! All sides!! the radiom blared. Automatic rifle fire crackled as the aliens screeched angrily at the human intruders


Looks good so far, Its very interesting you tell it pretty well man!

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