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The game was fun in all and wasn't too difficult or too easy.
The storylines for each of the species was fun and engaging.
The controls were easy to grasp.
The way each of the campaign difficulties were portrayed was good; Aliens: easy, Predators: medium and Marines: hard.
The scenery and areas of play were good.


The graphics wern't everything (but it was still fun).
The 'boss' enemies were far too easy.
The tutorials helped you but had little action.
The Predator levels had little structure storywise. One minuite you're fighting Aliens the next you're on some trial to kill three humans.


Overall AvP:E is a very good, engaging, entertaing game to play. The storylines were all good and the action is very good and fun to watch. The levels are fun and very well layed out, the Predator levels are by far some of the most fun as you get to rip out skulls and fry Aliens with the Shrine. The many classes are very good and have excellent abilities. The computer characters aren't too hard or too easy and the new Aliens have a good design. Especially the Carrier. This is a good game and I would recommend it to any Alien/Pred/AvP fan.



Secret Hero

Secret Hero

Here's my review of the game:

Graphics: 3.5/5
- 3D Graphics and has good 3D AI units like Warcraft 3. With the Humans cool armor when it's upgraded into a Trooper. Alien's own Queen has slighter problem in it's face when you zoom the camera in, the face is much squarish than the other 3D games made on 2003. This goes to the Predator's AIs as well. But in the humans, they're good. The sentry gun really looks more like a sentry gun. The hive node, it's the only thing that I hate in the graphics, cause it looks like sh!t and it's not in the movies. The Shrine of the Predators, which I didn't see either in the movies. But hey, at least the graphics good, right?

Sounds: 3.5/5
- With it's good explosion effects of it's trooper (when upgraded) and the roar of the Predators in which they had taken the trophy (the skull) of their !@#$, really makes the sounds really good. But in the Aliens, the voices is not really that attractive, when the facehuggers comes out in the egg, the sounds like an ant walk. Really unattractive. Slashing of the Aliens tail is bad as well, with it's lame whoosh effects, the sounds has got really lame. But I like the sound when the Aliens is being killed.

Gameplay: 5/5
- In this category, the game won. First let's talk about getting the resources in the game. First, the Humans. Humans can really get more money in repairing some Atmo, like $3000,  the only one can only repair the Atmo is the Comm Tech, they can also gain money in killing Xenomorphs and Yautjas. Second, the Yautjas/Predators. Predators can gain money when getting the "trophy", which literally means in Yautja cultures the skulls of their kills. Lastly third, the Xenomorphs/Aliens. The Aliens can gain money in infesting Predators/Humans with it's facehugger, really hard right? Next is, how they deliver your Predators, Marines, and some characters into the game. Again first is the Humans, they can only deliver marines, smartgunners, medics, and whatever they deliver is through the Comm Tech trooper, with out the Comm Tech, now it's game over for you. The dropship of the humans has 25 seconds delivery time, the dropship will deliver your order in the beacon. Second, the Yautjas, they can deliver Preds through their Shrine, they deliver Brawler, Spear Master, Disc Master, Hunter, and many more. The Preds that you order is deployed in a "drop-pod" then lands somewhere near the Shrine. As what I said in the Humans category, without the Comm Tech, then game over. Now, without the Shrine, it's game-over for you now. Lastly, the Xenomorphs, the Aliens first need a Praetorian egg to host it in a human, animal, or preds, so they can produce a Praetorian Alien then evolved into a Alien Queen, which is vital to the survival of the colony and is a powerhouse in combat. The Queen produces eggs, which the facehuggers is in there. Facehuggers can't survive in the enviroment in minutes. They must hurry to find hosts. When a facehugger is implanted into a Human, the creature/xenomorph is a Warrior, into an Animal, it's a Drone, then when it's implanted to a Pred, the creature is a PredAlien. The eggs automatically opens when a comatose is close to them. Not other strategy games, Extinction has no concept of infrastructure as everything is mobile.

Replay: 2.5/5
- Playing the game again is really pain in the head. With it's complicated maps, and surprising enemies to appear. No, it's not good to play it again. Unless you want to be an expert.

Overall: 4.3/5
- A unique strategy game I ever played. I suggest you play it and think your moves in advance, or you'll be vaporized!



Good review, Secret Hero. Much more detailed than mine lol.

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