Complete AvP Fan Film List - Last Update (24-6-2008)

Started by Nightmare, Dec 17, 2007, 12:25:46 AM

Complete AvP Fan Film List - Last Update (24-6-2008) (Read 17,741 times)



i am a fan film collector, 90% of every avp fan film in the net is in my hard-drive, i decided to make a list of them and give links to the ones still available online, its a list with fan films collected over about 4 years. if you know about any tell me to add here and increase my collection, this includes several short clipd from youtube....and includes the most crappy fan films ever!

here comes the list in (almost) alphabetical order:

- alien 5
- alien 5 squared
- alien assault
- alien freeze/unfreeze
- alien influx
- alien vs jason
- alien vs leatherface
- alien vs predator vs duke nukem
- alien vs robot
- aliens 2
- aliens vs lukasz vs predator
- aliens war games
- pepsi advert
- avp (film made with modified half-life engine)
- avp2 chronicles (using avp2 game)
- avp alex vs predator
- avp alien vs police
- avp bloodshed
- avp bloodshed directors cut
- avp claymotion
- avp dangerous forest (cancelled, only trailer available)
- avp dead end
- avp deadliest of the species
- avp deadly game
- Avp Dna (my movie  :P )
- avp hunter or hunted
- avp hunters planet
- avp (figure film from youtube, unnammed)
- avp outbreak
- avp showdown
- avp shower (that clip where alien is taking a bath and pred makes water come out cold)
- - avp stick experience (flash movie)
- AVP THE GREATEST BATTLE (that poker clip)
- avp trial by blood
- avp vs halo
- avp vs hilton vs joey silver
- BATMAN DEAD END (includes aliens and preds)
- boba feet vs predator
- colonial marines elite force (discontineud, only pt 1 is available)
- cs meets predator (counter strike with a predator in the middle)
- daily strugles of the predator
- dancing predator 3d
- eowk vs predator
- guy cat fish and a dvd (ill desenvolve this later)
- halo vs predator (figure film)
- halo vs predator remix (same figure film but dancing guys...)
- how to catch a predator (cartton and live acting)
- human survival (avp 2 game film, 3,4 GB so only trailer was released)
- kramer vs predator (family guy clip)
- Galaxy at war
- lukasz vs predator
- machimina avp remake
- potter vs predator
- predator vs mutants
- predator 3 the new blood (live acting)
- predator 3 (diferent figure film)
- predator alternative ends (funny clips...)
- predator dark jungle (you gotta pay for it, so i dont have it)
- predator end hunt
- predator humor (predator doing ballons and stuff...)
- predator man hunt
- predator wars
- predator_skull collector
- punisher vs predator
- robocop vs predator (not released yet, only some clips)
- SEED2 (trailer)
- sin city meets the predator
- south park clip with pred vision
- special order 937
- star wars vs alien vs predator
- terminator vs predator (shadow movie, only preview clips available)
- the alien guardian
- the calm (terminator vs predator live acting)
- terminator vs predator (figure crappy film)
- predator beef
- xenomorph original version (only found on my computer  8-) )
- xenomorph directors cut
- x-files vs avp
- chinese scary alien clip
- x-men vs predator
- avp doomsday clock (3 episodes, like 3 diferent films)
- predator vs jason
- robocop vs predator (figure film)
- dracula vs predator (my movie, only a teaser was made)
- alien 5 reborn (i was suposed to have finished the fx for it alredy...)
- avp chronicles (lego film)
- predator: newblood (in production, some stuff available)
- alien vs jack sparrow
- predator: blood (only trailer available)
- predator: hunters match (unreleased, some stuff available)
- James Bond vs. Predator
- Predator 3 fan trailer
- terminator vs robocop (predator makes an appearence) - linking isnt the official
- Alien vs Predator Trial by Blood
- Predator Wants a Strawberry: Da First Re-mix!!!
- AVP the forgotten island
-Mark English - Where The Hell Is Predator?
-AVP- The Movie
- illegal aliens vs predator
-avp: clash of teh species -
-terminator vs predator (movie footage join together) 
-AVP Stop Motion
-chuck norris vs predator 
-Alien vs Predator 
-spiderman vs predator 
- alien vs predator (what a lack of originality for names....)
AVP- redemption
avp- Hive atlantis
avp2: corps - episode 1
knights vs predator

Aliens Versus Predator: The Fates
AVP-R recreation: Wolf vs. Predalien
aliens vs predator: the underground
aliens vs predator the hunted
alins vs predator the hunterAliens vs. Predator Trailer
alien vs evil preview alien vs evil trailer
Predator: Celtic's Challenge Trailer
The wolf: trailer
avp redemption teaser
predator 2.5
avp recon - 2 episodes, see related vids for episode 2

hellboy vs avp - 2 episodes
avp - lego
avp 2 game story in a movie - 25 parts
avp stop motion
short stop motion avp battle
awesome avp animation!
one more awesome animation
flash animation
more stop motion...
alien vs jason vs zombie
avp animation

later ill add links to each of these films and ill upload the ones that dont exist online, when tehres more than 1 part and its lon youtube, i just link the 1st, the rest shall be on authors videos


Wheres mine at :p


Alien Assault is mine!  ;D


Quote from: Plokoon111 on Dec 17, 2007, 01:02:39 AM
Wheres mine at :p

isnt it there?

Quotepredator 3 (diferent figure film)
alien 5 reborn (i was suposed to have made FX for this movie alredy....)

i think it was something like that.....

The Ultimate Predator

Thats cool, though most are figure fan films, have you got a list of just live action ones?

Alien Freak

That's a pretty cool list, gotta watch me some o'them.

The Ultimate Predator

Maybe you should provide links.



Quote from: The Ultimate Predator on Dec 18, 2007, 08:41:50 PM
Maybe you should provide links.

yes, i need to find them, but thats the plan, the ones not online i will try to upload

xenomorph horse

I see that thereis my film.(AvP - doomsday clock) but you don't have link of it. for [Hunter return]    for [Reaping] for [trouble somepairs] best aliens blood ef

List is very cool.I 'll upload new thriller soon.


It's a very long list of fan films there! Good job, guys!


you forgot Hunter's Mountain.


Quote from: AdamJZ on Dec 25, 2007, 01:04:09 AM
you forgot Hunter's Mountain.
sry, i just made a list with films that have at least a trailer, that film hasnt one yet right?

its just because most of those films are never finished...... that one seems to going well so i think im gonna add it (later)


I was actually thinking whether someone can make skinned victims action figures on their own. I mean, making your own victims that are skinned by the Predator and hang them on a toy tree for some thrilling effect on the Predator toy fan film.

I'm not saying it's a must, just that it would be great to make your own things and put in on the set.


Quote from: Clyde Wyman on Dec 27, 2007, 11:57:42 AM
I was actually thinking whether someone can make skinned victims action figures on their own. I mean, making your own victims that are skinned by the Predator and hang them on a toy tree for some thrilling effect on the Predator toy fan film.

I'm not saying it's a must, just that it would be great to make your own things and put in on the set.

its easy to do, grab one random human toys, take clothes off, and have lots of fake blood on it (even if its ketchup will be good enough)

then hang it on a plant in ur garden

dont forget to add some blood under the guys after hanging them, possibly some blood on trees too

also, try to disguise the hair the best you can

xenomorph horse

Nightmare I going to do that if I can.But I 've ry it once blood is to fast I painted the body in red and will try shot it soon!

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