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Difficult to judge the best AP Project album.  I think every album has the odd track or two that let it down.  I listened to all of them incessantly except perhaps Vulture Culture and Gaudi about 20 odd years ago, and recently started listening to some of them again.  Eye In The Sky is otherwise really solid but let down by Gemini and Silence & I, and Step by Step is neither here nor there.  The Eagle Will Rise Again is kinda meh on Pyramid.  There's some good stuff on Eve, but I find it to be pretty sexist.  For mine, their best albums are Turn Of A Friendly Card (if only for the guitar solo on Nothing Left to Lose) or Ammonia Avenue.

And as for DG - About Face.  His first album showed how much he needed Roger's help, and On An Island was more mature, but needed some more grunt here and there.  More tracks like Take A Breath.
Turn... is a great album from beginning to end. I've had weeks where the CD never left the car's CD player. Still have yet to hear Ammonia Avenue, so I will listen to that one today!

You are spot on about DG too. After hearing the self-titled again it is apparent he needed more help in the songs.


Yes - 90125

My first Yes album many years ago before discovering the golden early 70s albums. Still a good listen with great lyrics. 8/10


Bon Jovi's New Jersey, a masterpiece of 1980's rock 8)




Pet Shop Boys - Electric (2013)

An album full of energy, dance and beats being produced by Stuart Price! PSB show they still got it in today's music world, abolishing all boundaries and Chris Lowe shows off his best skills while keeping it in his talented fashion. Neil Tennant's voice has a distorted sound throughout most the album, but is a welcome change (even though his normal singing is top notch). Highlights include Axis, Inside a Dream, Bolshy and my favorite track, Fluorescent. Maybe one day I will see them in concert (if they make it around besides NYC and Hollyweird).

10/10 for the 9 tracks


Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual

I have listened to many other PSB albums lately, but decided to review this one. Starts off with Discoteca, a disco dance themed gem that leads into Single (Bilingual), a drum based track with a nice, different keyboard tossed here and there. Next up is a true PSB underrated classic called Metamorphosis. Some popular singles after that include Se A Vida E and the future of equality's hope in A Red Letter Day. After that comes Up Against It with Johnny Marr as a guest guitarist/vocalist (background), definitely my favorite track from the album. The album concludes with The Survivors, Before (great track), To Step Aside and Saturday Night Fever (disco heavy). One B-Side that I really enjoy listening to is The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On (from dancing all night long) from the Format album, another dance floor beat filled song with PSB humorous lyrics that only Neil could ever pull off. Overall it is a very good album, but far from what they could (and did) produce in later times.



A great sounding mix of songs of The Smiths final studio album. Shame they will never get back together.



Makes for great studying music.


As per Samhain (Halloween) tradition ensues, this band starts off the day with their entire discography (in order):


My favorite and regarded by many PSB fanatics as their greatest album. Recorded in Munich, Neil and Chris weave their finest musicial webs of genius in this 10 track album. Starting off with their landmark track, Being Boring. A perfect beginning to the album. The next track, This Must Be The Place I've Waited Years To Leave. , features Johnny Marr on guitar and Chris's beats accompany it in fantastic ability. Used to be my favorite PSB song, but is in the front five now. Next up is the sedimental To Face The Truth. This one has been a builder for me; I used to skip it, now I find myself really enjoying it. Following is How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? . A ballad of beats, synth, vocals and even a rarely seen guitar solo. Just great in every way. Next up is the fan favorite Only The Wind. A slower, milder song that also gets better with age. My October Symphony. follows that, another just great song. Then we have So Hard. , a song that is also a builder nowadays. A peaceful track, Nervously. , is next. A song that just makes you think back to all those awkward and scary moments in relationships. Building up the tension after that is The End Of The World. Chris Lowe seems to know just when to place those beats in the synths' pauses, I have no idea how he does it. To finish off the album is another fan favorite, Jealousy. Overall this album still withstands time for the past 24 years and will for many more to come. To those who have not listened to Pet Shop Boys, I highly recommend this album before any others. Behaviour is not just a blissful music experience, it has the power to change lives imo.

A true 10/10


2014 Remaster edition

Usually when a classic/timeless album gets remastered, it will either impress greatly or make you throw it against the wall. Never inbetween. This 2014 remaster by Stephen Wilson, is the single greatest remastered album I have ever heard. It seems to keep the original 1985 sound while maintaining a "current" feel. The vocals are barely remastered, just the way it should be. The guitars, drums and synths are smoothly polished up but NOT enhanced or put ahead of the vocals like so many remaster failures. As a diehard TFF fanatic, I could go thru every track, but I will not. Instead, I ask you to go out (or online), pick up a copy of the single disk, the two disk edition or like me, the deluxe 6 disk box set. I am still in awe of what I just listened to. Hopefully you will too.

A true 10/10 for this remastered edition classic album

Can't wait for the next 5 disks! ;D


Pet Shop Boys - Introspective (1988)

This album takes on a new direction for PSB back in the later 80s. While the previous albums were mainly electronic pop, Chris Lowe takes his keyboards and hits the dance floor for an all-nighter while Neil Tennant takes a few drinks of sarcasm and sings out some of his most witty lyrics yet. Containing 6 tracks, each clocks in at nearly 7 minutes or more each. Left To My Own Devices (original version) begins the album with a sympanthonic tone and then the beats kick in. A great song, followed by a straight forward, cold dance sensatiton I Want A Dog. This maybe my new favorite PSB track, absolute dance perfection. Domino Dancing arrives next, another great dance song. I'm Not Scared is next, yet another near perfection dance song. The album continues with the classic PSB track Always On My Mind/In My House. Finally the album concludes with It's Alright; a fantastic finish to an unbelievable album. While I do not suggest to start your PSB collection with this album (Behaviour and Actually are the ones I suggest for that), it is an album that signals a new beginning of the timeless band's limitless electronic talent. After a day of constant listening, it did not get old at any points and had me coming back for more. Some diehard PSBers have this as their favorite album.



Carrie & Lowell is really, really, really good. Like, really, everything Sufjan puts out.


Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Deja Vu

Much like a fine wine, some music gets even better with age. They don't make bands/music like this anymore.




Disturbed - The Vengeful One
  Album: Immortalized

     Not really complete, it's due to release somewhere in August, but so far I love it!

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