Alien 3 on Gameboy gets some love.

Started by OpenMaw, Sep 21, 2022, 03:23:06 AM

Alien 3 on Gameboy gets some love. (Read 1,159 times)



Although I don't agree with his broad assessment of all the other version of Alien 3. I think the Master System version of Alien 3 is probably the overall most fun to play, and Alien 3 on SNES is a very "authentic" feeling game. The gameboy version is pretty ambitious for the time, and he raises some good points.

Granted the video is 8 years old now, but I just saw it now and thought i'd share it. What does everyone else think of Alien 3 on Gameboy? I played it a little, many years ago, on an emulator. Not the greatest Alien game ever made, but it certainly gets some credit from me for ambition and presentation.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: OpenMaw on Sep 21, 2022, 03:23:06 AMAlthough I don't agree with his broad assessment of all the other version of Alien 3.

Yeah, I'd never thought of those tie-ins as bad (difficult, sure) and that wasn't a perception I've seen from fandom.

I've got an original cartridge for the GB version of Alien 3, but I've not touched it for some time. I remember struggling to figure out "how" I was actually supposed to play it, so I never revisited it much.

judge death

judge death

Alien 3 is great, I know other youtube channels claiming the same things as in this video, almost none dislike the alien 3 game on the game boy. In my eyes its the best version of all versions and holds up well today.
I played this game back in 2008 and without manual and managed to finish the game after a few hours, its not hard to beat but takes some time.

Like he says: this is probably the first survival horror game and when I wrote to the director of this game he is quite proud of that fact although its a unknown game to most gamers. I also found out what the knife is for and its purpose and also found out why the game is so story driven compared to the other versions of the game and rpg elements in the game: apparently the director is a rpg fan and wanted to add parts of that into the game.

Alien3 is also in my eyes the prototype which aliens thanatos and infestation would follow:
IF you kill a xeno: it will spray acid around which can damage/kill the player.
PRisoners arent just there to be fodder: As long as prisoners are alive, they will save you when you die, if you let the prisoners die and its only you left: its game over no matter if you have lifes left in the HUD. So better save those prisoners!

The xenos are hard to kill and as he says: very deadly and flamethrower barely hurt them which is canon even to this day. :P

One interesting note: There are the runner alien in the game but there is also the larger alien warriors to fight.

The game also have several levels/areas based on deleted scenes like the eve on the beach, kitchen etc so the game developers had access to these way before anyone else, which I find interesting.

Game is full of small details and its rewarding, after one spent enough time the fans sections arent hard to solve and the queen fight is a challenge.
I could beat it in max 2 hours time and if I could record it I could help you guys doing a game stream session for avpgalaxy :P

Yeah I love this game and to me its the best one, Master system, mega drive and snes versions maybe has prettier graphics but very boring run and shot gameplay, which contra and other games do way better and those console versions to me is quite outdated while game boy alien 3 still holds up.

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