Scaled Hadley's Hope style corridor

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Scaled Hadley's Hope style corridor (Read 3,204 times)

Corporal Hicks

Oh man, that looks awesome!

Wonder what it's made of?



These seem to be CGI views. Funny and clever stuff actually, the planels can be placed at the cunstomer's liking, like a customizable 3D puzzle.

Here is a video of what Extreme Sets are (not this particular one, but you'll get the point right away).

Afterwards, you'll notice that it is made of... cardboard !


70 bucks for some cardboard... yeeahhh not gonna happen.


A very nice idea, but yeah a little too expensive, especially since it looks like you'd need two or three of them to create something resembling a proper corridor. But still cool if you've got that much cash to spare.



The company that is gonna sell a decent ABS or metal grid floor -and I mean real holes and grid texture, not printed like this one- shall win the jackpot, almost every Alien (or even Scifi fan) needs a proper floor for displaying figures.

Otherwise it's a waste of money, no wonder how clever the idea is. This one looks like an expensive version of a cheap alternative, though well crafted I won't argue on this point.

These have been good to go for ever a year and we can't get the help we need to make more:

And these are EXACT 3D recreations of the original pallet seen in Alien, Aliens, and Star Wars:


Way back when I had a cardboard Star Wars catina which was I believe a whole $9.99 or whereabouts. $70 for this is a hard pass for me. Now what posted, that could get my money.



Yup, agreed. Is is custom-made or what ? That looks perfect for dioramas, and moreover it's scaled for 1/6 or 7" figures.
We want to know more, this could be a big hit, but perhaps in another thread.  ;)

If anyone is still interested in scaled floor tiles for their NECA figures, I believe they're being discussed further here:

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