Michael Biehn interviewed on Lex Luthor's podcast

Started by Local Trouble, Mar 17, 2023, 09:02:01 PM

Michael Biehn interviewed on Lex Luthor's podcast (Read 1,046 times)

Local Trouble


Very honest stuff. If this is a recent one, then he looks and sounds good

Local Trouble

It was uploaded three days ago so I can't imagine it's very old.




A fascinating listen with stories about Cameron, Spielberg, his alcoholism etc.

He reveals he had a stroke 12 years ago and suffered extreme memory loss. He only feels like he fully recovered in 2020 and his confidence has slowly come back, resulting in small but higher profile roles like The Mandalorian and Walking Dead.

I remember meeting him in 2016 and he was such a nice guy, but he could barely remember his name. It kind of makes sense now.

Glad to see him looking and sounding so much better.

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