Sigourney Weaver new thought's on Alien 5

Started by The Ultimate Predator, Jun 02, 2014, 06:59:37 PM

Sigourney Weaver new thought's on Alien 5 (Read 45,729 times)

Rudy M Alapag, Jr

Rudy M Alapag, Jr

 ::) And if it does happen in the long distant future, I would definitely return again to the theaters to see the fifth ALIEN film "IF" it does happen. And if it does ring true and if there's a possible director and filmmaker, I'll be digging into my ALIEN ANTHOLOGY BLU-RAY COLLECTION seeing all 4 films back to back. I'm a ALIEN and RIPLEY fan and I like collecting the ALIEN FILM FRANCHISE. 'Let Ripley Rise' a possible ALIEN
5 could happen.


I think maybe Sigourney going to these events and seeing the fans puts her in the mood to always say stuff like this. It must be a very energizing environment.


I'd be down to see Sigourney and Winona go back to the home planet. But the movie would have to be ABOUT something. And Winona would have to be given better dialogue.

Winona was so eager to be in an Alien movie, she just f**king signed on. If I were her, I would've requested better dialogue. More "Because I'm programmed to." and "I couldn't watch them annihilate themselves." and less simpleton non-robotic shit like "We. Cant. Trust. HERRRR!" and No she's not!"

Get the guy who directed Elysium to do it. Someone who's more action/sci-fi oriented as opposed to some horror person. Remember when the Cube guy was rumored for Alien 5 long ago? That's all kinds of awful. This franchise, from here on out, needs to hire action/sci-fi guys. Less concentration on horror. Take the T2 route in terms of the amount of horror.


I can't really say that A:R's problem was that they got a "horror" guy. Whedon is known for action and snappy dialogue. (I would say wit and humour, but not straight out comedy.), and Jean Pierre Jeunet is known for... Well, much lighter material than the Alien franchise. It's been said repeatedly that even he didn't think he was the right choice for the job. I can't really fault him too much, i'm not too fond of his camera work in A:R, though. Lots of the fast moving zooms and stuff really make things look cheaper than they should. Just something about that style of camera work that has never appealed to me.

My big problem is I want these movies to be serious again. Prometheus and Predators both were fairly good turns in that direction, but Prometheus had some of that modern "Hollywood" type overly witty for-the-audience dialogue that breaks great movies. The original Alien honestly feels like a movie that does not even know it's own audience is there. Like we are literally looking through a rip in space-time into another world and watching things unfold. None of the characters are winking at the audience. I'm not saying turn the series into something pretentious. Just be straight. That's my biggest beef with A:R. Next to the other three it just feels like some kind of wacky off-the-wall comic film. Just in the way that it's shot and edited. The trilogy actually feel fairly consistent tonally. The Alien universe, at least in the frontier regions, is very unforgiving and oppressive.


Screw canon, I want the alien movie we deserve and not the one that we need. They can wipe alien³ and A|R from the face of the script for all I care. Like neither of them ever happened. :)

We'll call it a reboot.

Quote from: SM on Jun 02, 2014, 11:43:00 PM
So go watch one.
I meant a new one, although I sort of left it dangling there.


He knew what you f**king meant.


Quote from: SM on Jun 02, 2014, 10:36:58 PM
Does it matter?

If  the audience does not care then why bother?


Quote from: Hellspawn28 on Jun 03, 2014, 03:20:42 AM
Quote from: SM on Jun 02, 2014, 10:36:58 PM
Does it matter?

If  the audience does not care then why bother?

They will care. This is a franchise that is proven profitable, no matter what. Through the darkest of times (AvP 2), through the best of times (Aliens), and through the divisive of times (Prometheus).


Quote from: Hellspawn28 on Jun 03, 2014, 03:20:42 AM
Quote from: SM on Jun 02, 2014, 10:36:58 PM
Does it matter?

If  the audience does not care then why bother?

The audience cared enough to make Predators moderately successful 20 years after Predator 2.


Wow, all the actors are still alive, we could do a remake with the original cast. haha oh the horror!


Sigourney safe would work perfectly as it could be chalked up to the consequence of cloning. It's something that was proven when Dolly the sheep was cloned, she aged faster then the rest of her kin. They would certainly need to move on this film right away however. It won't happen. I'd love it to.





I love the idea of it, but I'm not sure I'd love the execution.

I remember in the Alien special edition blu ray features, Dan O'Bannon said something like "I've already nailed this. It's done - move on. This was scary 30 years ago - its not scary any more because we already nailed it." Something like that. And he's probably right - the shock value has gone - or at least, we think it has.

I'd love to see RakaThewi's idea played out with a younger crew / passing of the torch from old Ripley to new-kick-ass... but the essential thing is (as we all know) making the alien scary and shocking again (whilst keeping within the confines of established lore).



#43 me crazy but didnt Ellen Ripleys storyline end in Alien 3.......

Im pretty sure it did, and yes i have seen Alien Resurrection but thats NOT "the" Ellen Ripley so that doesnt count.......

Does NOT mean i do not want a new Alien movie i really do but how about a completely new storyline and or new caracters.......!!!

P.S. but i would love for Sigourney to be part of what ever comes next (maby as an producer) just as long as it is an actual "Alien" movie.......


As long as Ripley is alive, the story will continue.
I think there will probably be an Alien 5 at some point, though I'd rather there wasn't.
What are the chances of it being at least mildly decent.
Realistically, it will be terrible, and people won't like it. So don't ask for it.
But I expect there will be an Alien 5, and probably another prequel or sequel after that.

I also really hate 'Prometheus'. I think it' an insult to the franchise, and the next film I expect will be even worse.

I've been really negative here, but I just don't like all the additions producers feel the need to make to good franchises.

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