Sigourney Weaver new thought's on Alien 5

Started by The Ultimate Predator, Jun 02, 2014, 06:59:37 PM

Sigourney Weaver new thought's on Alien 5 (Read 45,729 times)



Quote from: OpenMaw on Jun 02, 2014, 08:57:15 PM
Or as someone else said, reboot. Though i'm honestly not keen on the idea of a reboot. You could just as easily sidestep the issue and not ever go back to Ripley ever again and just tell a new story. As the comics and novels have shown us there are many stories to tell without Ripley. Granted not all of them are the stuff of greatness, but there are diamonds in the rough.

With a reboot, you really don't need to use the character of Ripley at all. The Alien is what is important, and while Ripley was an essential protagonist in the previous movies up to Alien 3, let's face it.. Her story is done. It ended with Alien 3 when she had died and sacrificed herself to ensure that Weyland-Yutani didn't get their hands on the Xenomorph. Introduce a new protagonist, or if people really believe that Ripley is essential, re-introduce her again but avoid doing a remake with the reboot (although that likely is something hard to do, though 2014's Robocop was radically different from the original). A reboot could be it's own thing as long as it keeps the essential elements, but the setting could be different and some of the characters as well.

Alien Resurrection... I haven't seen that movie in a long time, and I would like to see the movie again without fan consensus affecting my judgement. I just haven't gotten around to doing that. Right now my opinion is that the movie was unnecessary and the franchise should've been just left alone after Alien 3 as far as strictly Alien-only continuity goes.

Quote from: Hellspawn28 on Jun 02, 2014, 09:23:19 PM
We have Prometheus 2 in 2016 and I bet a third movie will get made too.

Honestly... After Prometheus, Paradise, and Prometheus 3.. assuming there is a Prometheus 3, I think the franchises (along with Predator) need to be given a long rest. Let some time pass, then talk either sequels, remakes or reboots. I'd prefer the latter two, if mostly to get away from that Engineer stuff.

If an Alien 5 with Ripley is meant to be made... Then render Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection to what fans call as: "Ripley's Nightmare". Write the last two sequels off as a dream, explain the lapse in time so Weaver's age can be written in and mention that she has been suffering the same dreams for years. Then have her do whatever with the Alien one last time if fans and the studio really want an Alien 5 with her.

Nightmare Asylum

Nothing she hasn't said a million times before. I'd watch it, but they'd have to really get the right crew and some new ideas together to make this work.

Also, what's up with two guests on the previous page posting? Made accounts just to comment on this and then deleted themselves? :D


Yeah, it's a pipe-dream. I'm glad she'd be willing, but considering it won't happen, I'm not going to be spending too much time dwelling on. Aliens on a futuristic Earth as shown in Aliens however would be the route I'd want to see. Of course, A:R shows us Earth's fate, which isn't pleasant. And yes, Ripley's tragic story ended in Alien 3.

Ryan Lucas

Ryan Lucas

Ellen Ripley died in Alien 3. Ripley 8 is a different person. She is mixture of both Ripley and Alien. I think this has immensely interesting dynamics that were not developed properly in Resurrection. Imagine the conflict of a person who sacrificed her life to destroy a monster, only to come back and have half become that monster.
She has Ripley's memories, but the Aliens also. I wrote a story that I am trying to make into a fan-film. But I wish that it could be used for real. I think it delves into this well and provides an exciting twist to her story as well as a satisfying ENDING to her character.

Mr. Clemens

Much as I'd like to see it (if nothing else, to smooth over the mess that is AR), it's hard to imagine such a film ending in any way other than how A3 ended.



They should blend it with Prometheus 2... Have Ripley 8 and a new spaceship crew find the Engineer homeworld.. alongside Shaw's skeleton and a deactivated David 8 head..  :laugh:


A:R came out so long ago. Does anyone outside the fan base even remembers it?


Does it matter?


Was a fun event and Weaver, like she was in Calgary, was a great guest.  Very gracious, a touch dashing, funny, aloof and fun.  Nice to hear she thinks so highly of Cameron and gets along with him as well as Scott.  Would be interesting to see what Cameron would bring back to the Alien franchise as a writer/mentor.


She's absolutely right - the story arc needs to be resolved. The triangle of Ripley / Xeno / Weyland never fulfilled it's potential by reaching a satisfactorily epic conclusion. Prometheus is really an unnecessary distraction, pretty pointless in my opinion. Bring back Ripley, and tear down Weylands empire with an army of Xeno's.

The Ultimate Predator

The Ultimate Predator

Quote from: Darkness on Jun 02, 2014, 07:44:06 PM
Thanks for the news. She seems quite open to doing Alien 5.

No problem. I am inclined to agree with others that her returning for another film is a pipe dream.


At this point I don't even f**king care. All I want is a decent alien movie.


So go watch one.

Immortan Jonesy

I am not against another Alien film, but the story of Ripley finished with Alien 3

Why not create new characters? ::)

Anyway I'm still waiting for the sequel to Prometheus.


QuoteWhy not create new characters?

o hai!

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