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Started by Corporal Hicks, Jul 06, 2010, 06:45:57 PM

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:P  :P READ AT YOUR OWN RISK<<<>>>Anyone that feels that this is better than the original Predator is full of crap!!!<<< This was a remake of the classic, with the same music and lines! The only thing was even slightly better was that it gave a bit of a back story to the species.  Adrian Brodey playing the part of Arnold at the end with mud all over him! NO WAY, NO COMPARISON to Arnold! And the sword fight scene with the Falcon Predator & Yakuza guy was way too short, that fight really needed more substance!!!



I agree, sadly, the sercret has seemed to have died with him.
that one ugly mofo dammit. haha


I think the movie isn't that well made.The way that the Tracker blows up Laurence Fishburne...it's just stupid!! And the first time they show the super predators uncloaked... the CGI animation is just ************!!!!!! OH, and in the end when the classic predator puts his mask on you can hear dump music.And the music doesn't match with a Predator movie. Also, the predator aren't tall enaugh. And they act like pedals.


This movie plunged my heart into cardiac arrest, scared the crap out of me, made me pee my pants out of sheer joy, and that was only the first 10 minutes. This was a great movie, it really brought back the terrifying human hunter back to its original grandeur. Terrific script, it made each individual character's personality shine. I loved the comedic relief that Topher Grace brought inbetween action sequences, real shocking series of events... To all people who have seen this movie, you know what 5:00 time is :D. The epic battle between Classic and Berserker, was amazing, the other claiming the defeated yaujta's head as a glorious trophy. You probably already know who wins, but I'm not telling.

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