Two ALIEN TV Shows in the works (Rumour)

Started by Gazz, Feb 13, 2019, 11:17:16 PM

Two ALIEN TV Shows in the works (Rumour) (Read 56,261 times)


Quote from: judge death on Oct 01, 2020, 05:20:07 PM
Quote from: HuDaFuK on Oct 01, 2020, 09:31:24 AM
Quote from: SiL on Oct 01, 2020, 06:06:34 AMA Hadley's Hope story would give us that same sense of dread -- we know it's all going to end horribly, we just want to see how.

I've really never understood the appeal of seeing an Aliens prequel. The colony is so much creepier for not seeing how it got that way.

Although maybe my opinion's just tainted by the fact I think so little of Newt's Tale and River of Pain.

The fact remains, the same story would probably be far more interesting if you just made it another colony.
Mainly due to: nostalgia, want to see more of the aliens movie and see what happened prior to it and make it to a part of the aliens movie and make fans of it relive the feelings they had, and this is why it most often fails: as the same feeling and theme etc is almost impossible to recreate and it also in most cases fails to live up to the expectations fans have had of what happened there for so many years that only a mircale of storywriting can live up to it.

Same reason why so many fans want to get more colonial marines vs aliens movies and have more action scenes and tension and themes aliens did, instead of something new which I hold Alien 3 in high regards of doing.

So yes I like you think doing a story/movie of a different colony or ship etc getting infested by aliens and new charachters is the way to go.

I saw the Noah Hawley video on the AVPGalaxy YouTube channel.
It presented some interesting ideas but I think the concerns brought up by judge death highlight some of the issues for any future Alien TV/Streaming project.
- Getting the audience to feel the same terror of the original "Alien" or the same rush from "Aliens" is very difficult even in a bigger budget movie.
In a TV series where the budget is much smaller, the task is even harder.
- I'm not saying it's impossible and I'd love to be proved wrong.

- Hawley says he wants to set up the story first without the aliens/Xenomorphs.
That could be kind of like "Another Life", the Katee Sackoff series on Netflix. That was successful enough to be renewed for another season.
Still, the expectations for that show were very low. A mediocre monster on a ship story was good enough.
- But put the Alien name on a new series and the expectations from some viewers will be; ' was it as good as "Aliens" or "Alien"?'
- That is a tough puzzle to solve.
(Ridley went another direction with some related ideas in "Raised by Wolves". It's not about "Alien" though.)

- Hawley mentioned "The Mandalorian". It's a western in space built around a cute baby Yoda. In terms of demographics, it's a family show.
Alien projects have never had such a wide appeal.
It's going to be tough to get Disney to agree to putting up the money for an Alien Disney+ TV series.
Yet I believe that eventually Disney will change their mind and a new Alien film will happen.


Nightmare Asylum

Quote from: Lizardboy on Dec 01, 2020, 09:27:13 AM

QuoteWhen asked if he personally is still involved with a potential "Alien" series, Hawley answered, "Ya know, I have conversations from time to time but I'm not committed." The showrunner also noted there's no conceit in place about what the miniseries would tackle from a narrative standpoint.

Interesting to hear that he's still chatting about it from time to time, even if there isn't any narrative set. That confirms that Disney/20th is at least talking about things (probably more outside of this project as well), which we also know thanks to Hicks' vague scoop.


Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before Disney/20th announces what they intend to do next...

Gr33n M4n

I've been hungry for a tv show ever since the short films.

Nightmare Asylum

I wouldn't be totally shocked if the potentially in development Alien project does wind up being a series, but at this rate I doubt it would be Hawley's. There is nothing in place on his end, barring a few conversations with the studio from time to time.


As long as it is one long, cohesive story, rather than episodic, I'm up for a tv series.

Nightmare Asylum

Maybe it'll be the Ridley Scott produced series that was rumored back in the first post thread. 8)


The Walking Dead with aliens instead of zombies... sorry, walkers.


I hope not because that show used to piss me right off when I still bothered to watch it.

For every really good episode there's at least three shit ones.


After the impressive alien shorts , I'd love to see a series. An alien series is long overdue. So much in the universe to explore.


Go the Fargo route. A whole season dedicated to one storyline then a new one the next season. Heck I'd even be up for a new story each episode.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Prez on Dec 02, 2020, 10:26:24 AM
Go the Fargo route. A whole season dedicated to one storyline then a new one the next season. Heck I'd even be up for a new story each episode.

I think longer, season long arcs would be the way to go. Longer-form storytelling is doing so well these days.


Hoping we get the final Prequel, another Sequel later in the time line and Dan Trachtenberg's Predator Prequel, venturing to the Alien universe through TeleVision would be interesting, same fro Predator, as long as neither Movie or TV negatively effects oneanother.


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Dec 02, 2020, 10:42:22 AMI think longer, season long arcs would be the way to go. Longer-form storytelling is doing so well these days.

Yeah, I really wouldn't want to see a "monster of the week" format. It's gotta be season-long (or even longer) storylines for me.

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