Singular Issues vs TPB vs Digital

Started by Darkness, Jan 02, 2022, 03:09:22 PM

Which do you prefer?

Singular Issues
1 (11.1%)
Trade Paperback
6 (66.7%)
Digital Singular Issues
1 (11.1%)
Digital Trade Paperback
1 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 9

Singular Issues vs TPB vs Digital (Read 893 times)


Just wondering what you guys prefer when reading comics these days? Do you still prefer the feel of a real comic in your hands or do you prefer the convenience of having them all in digital form?

Corporal Hicks

I'm a problem in that I get digital, singles and trades. Digital because I can't always wait to get my physical, and I get the singles in digital and physical is because I can't wait until the conclusion to read them all. And sometimes it's  just a different experience reading them in trades. I'll never forget that bombshell end of the first issue of More Than Human. Wouldn't have quite rung the same if I'd been reading the trade, I don't think.

I typically buy the trade because it's then an easier reading experience. It sits in one convenient package on my shelf, and makes an easier read. Storage also used to factor into it for me too. I'd then give my singles away. Now that I've got the storage boxes, though, I'm keeping singles and trades. Trades just continue to go on the shelf for easy access. And at the end of it all, I think I prefer the trades.

I do like reading the old singles, though. But that's because we used to get the letter columns and I love reading them. Not something that's we see in the modern A/P singles now, though.



Single issues for me, for the reasons you have given for liking them. Not only the letter columns are priceless and a great time capsule, but also the cliffhangers have some kind of impact. Plus, each cover and issue is usually specificaly centered around the particular piece of the story thats on the issue. And we get more covers, so more cover art, which, imo, is most of the time much superior to the trade covers

As far as digital, Im an old school guy so for me thats not a product at all, its a make believe thing that I cant own or hold. Its data. I cant say I own a painting if I dont have it at home to put on a desk and study and enjoy, but have a downloaded picture on a laptop or phone instead. The smell of print etc. Just an old geezers rant. In short, no digital for me


So I always buy the singles as they release because I'm a fiend for new content first and foremost lol. I like the physical copies specifically for when you have a two page splash spread which never translates as well in the trade due to the thicker binding. The con for singles though is the ads that litter the pages. Also it's nice to support comic shops whereas with the trades I generally buy them from the Amazon corporate overlords. But like Hicks has already mentioned its nice having the whole arc in one package. One thing that I love about the Marvel run is that the physical issue includes a code to download a digital version of said issue so I can have all the issues on my phone (with no ads). The main pro with digital is the way you can read it panel by panel as opposed to seeing the whole page at once which helps you from looking ahead in the story.


I used to buy the singles, now I buy the trades. I don't have room for the singles while I have a bookshelf for all the TPBs.


I bought the trades of the old stuff.

With current stuff, I read digital and collect singles.


What is "Digital"?  ??? ::) ;D

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