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Title: Predator killer
Post by: NoStyleDutch on Mar 15, 2022, 04:19:21 AM
I rewatched The Predator last night, ugh. But,
even though it is so pretty awful,  I'm still morbidly curious to see a follow-up to that story. Maybe they could somehow have Royce and Isabelle meet McKenna (I like the character,  in spite of the movie). Maybe the predators don't actually care about saving humanity, but the predator killer suit is just a way  of bringing a new,  dangerous hunt to the preserve. I still can't think of any other reason that predators, regardless of their faction, would want to help humans defeat  them.

Is there anyone else out there who wants to see some kind of follow up?

Title: Re: Predator killer
Post by: SuperiorIronman on Mar 15, 2022, 12:19:59 PM
There's potential for the suit. Probably not to be followed up in the films but there is potential. Like a videogame! However Illfonic followed that up by saying it only worked for 14 seconds before crapping out. The OWLF proceeded to put it back in storage.

No deep dive into lore, no suggestions of what the tech comes from, not even a playable character because god forbid they do something fun. Which is hilariously ironic at the end of the day. The movie characters they did do had been hilariously off model and a dumpster fire like Wolf, they did so many melee weapons, but the one suit they didn't have to worry animations on, the sky being the limit on new ranged gear, building a suit literally designed to kick all kinds of ass, they didn't do it. Instead we had to wait until they sorted out legal issues for Wolf when we could've gotten the suit much earlier.

My thoughts on the suit is that it's for a "champion". Similar to Royce's suit. Essentially being technologically advanced and accounting for issues if say the champion drops something. Predators are hands free and don't want a repeat of Wolf, so the tech is all on ones own person. The Predator killer name in turn is literal. It's supposed to do that because it's meant to be used on game preserves to fight back against the hunters.

Another thought is playing into the Assassin. The suit being the Assassin's uniform. After all the Assassin was made to account for Predators dying on Earth. So the suit is his Enforcer gear which given he's so big, it's nano tech so it can form over his large and unusual body plan. That'd also be a better explanation for why it looks like a Predator, it's ones uniform so it's naturally look like them even while accounting for a human form. That'd also explain why the OWLF could only activate it for 14 seconds. There's potentially a power source on the Assassin's person they didn't know about.
Title: Re: Predator killer
Post by: City Hunter Yautja on Apr 01, 2022, 04:37:59 AM
Predator Killer.. I'd rename it Yautja's Bane in a video game.