Apex Legends Alien and Predator-style event coming September 20th

Started by Kailem, Sep 15, 2022, 03:51:37 PM

Apex Legends Alien and Predator-style event coming September 20th (Read 1,168 times)


I guess those leaks about an Alien/Predator Apex Legends crossover weren't entirely inaccurate:

Not technically Alien or Predator in an official sense, but yeah. It's pretty clear what they're going for there.

Mike’s Monsters

Definitely Predator inspired in there! Even the font is mostly there. I wonder if it was going to be something official, but they had to make adjustments last minute to make it slightly-not Predator.


I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to do an Alien and Predator event but they've got a mandate that the game can't cross over with anything outside of its own canon/continuity. Because in the three or four years the game's been out they've done a ton of these little events, but not one that I can recall that's ever crossed over with another franchise like Fortnite or CoD or Fall Guys do.

Which kinda sucks honestly, and makes me appreciate it when some games just go "screw it, we're just gonna be a video game-ass video game" with that sort of thing.


Yea, this is intriguing to me. Should be starting today. Without a doubt Pred and Alien inspired.

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