Alien vs Predator: The Guest

Started by Major Alan Schaefer, Nov 14, 2007, 10:42:23 PM

Alien vs Predator: The Guest (Read 646 times)

Major Alan Schaefer

Part Two
The Guest
   The sun shined over a calm lake on a distant planet, there were many creatures like on Earth present and it sounded very similar to a lake there. All was calm, until the water started to part near the edge. A giant container rose from the depths and after the water stopped pouring from it a large door started to open. Four men in armor walked from it and looked out,   "It's always so damn bright up here." One said the one at the head of the group responded angrily,   "Quit the gripping Garry."
He then said,   "Check your equipment." The Marines checked their guns and their headsets,   "Alright, they want us to check out some disturbance to the North make sure its nothing that'll cause trouble." He pressed his headset and spoke into it,   "Command, we're at the surface and are about to move out."      "Very good, precede north and check in if you find anything."      
"Will do." He then started sprinting towards the forest, once reaching the edge they slowed down and jumped in,   "Garry take point, Peter cover the rear." The men fell in and followed orders they wanted out of there before they even entered. They looked around not paying attention to the beautiful jungle. They had checked it a million times usually just a large animal falling on the monitor,   "Sergeant Lee!" Garry yelled out as he looked over a hill,   "Sergeant....I don't know what to make of it." Lee looked over with him and sighed,   "My god...looks like something shot through here."      "Asteroid?"      "There's nothing left..." Lee said looking around,   
"Spread out." The men walked around the area finding little. Lee slid down into the pit and looked around,   "Nothing here..." he climbed back out; Peter grabbed him and helped him up. The two men looked around and finally gave up,    "Command?"
"Yes Sergeant?"      "Uh, this is a bust there's nothing here."      "We have a small problem so please hurry back."      "We're on our way." A loud noise suddenly broke the silence that followed the radio shutting off Lee and Peter looked around frantically and Lee went on the radio,   "Garry, Teal?"      "This is guys hear that?"      " Teal with you?"      "No."
"Get back to the crater." After several minutes there was no sign of Garry or Teal. The sergeant was worried and yelled over the radio,   "Garry!" he looked around and looked to Peter,   "Let's get going, its late we'll never find them alone." The two men ran towards the base through the forest and didn't look back until...

Chapter 2
A lone ship flew down over the planet; it then became invisible and flew over the forest. The ship malfunctioned causing it to crash straight into the forest. The pilot was thrown to the floor; he growled quietly and picked himself up. He looked around finding there was little damage. His mandibles trilled as he made sure he wasn't injured, a small river of green blood flowed down his arm he growled and opened up a case. He quickly used a paste and yelled loudly as is burned the wound. He gathered his weapons, and looked into his helmet. He attached it onto his face and trilled; the Humanoid looked around and left his ship. He walked down the ramp slowly and looked out, he listened to the jungle and observed the surroundings. He then heard footsteps he quickly activated his cloak and walked towards the noise slowly. He then heard a human yell out, "Sergeant Lee." He recorded it and ran to a tree. He climbed up and stood on a branch. He knelled over and repeated the phrase and looked down seeing a man walk up to the man who has said it. He observed them from above waiting for any indication they'd be worth a hunt. He watched them as they searched around his ship and almost aimed for the man who stood right next to it. As he left the crater so did the hunter he had decided he couldn't let them know of his presence. He jumped tree to tree and looked to another man walking around. He aimed his plasma caster at the man's head. The red triangle came onto his screen and it was followed by the loud plasma blast shooting from his shoulder. He jumped down and observed the body. The man wasn't even in good physical condition; he growled in disappointment and ran back towards the others. He saw another man speaking to himself and he jumped down and stabbed him in the back. He ran back to his ship finding the others gone. He growled and climbed up a tree; he looked further down the path and saw the two men running. He couldn't let them escape and even hint his presence to anyone else. He jumped quickly tree to tree; he soon caught up with them and looked down at them. He jumped in front of them and flashed his eyes, they both stopped and he walked forward. Lee stood his ground but Peter started backing away. The Hunter walked towards his foes and extended his wrist blades. The Sergeant opened fired then ran and kept shooting. Peter ran in a different direction and a lot slower than Lee, the Hunter shot a blast off at him and after confirming it hit him ran after Lee. Lee is very good shape so the Hunter had to run at his full speed. Lee jumped over a small gap in the forest and shot back at his attacker. The hunter sped up and listened to his own heartbeat as it grew faster. Lee was panting loudly and the hunter was catching up. Lee saw the pod and clicked his headset,   "Command I need reinforcements now!!!"      "Sergeant repeat that?"      "I have at least one hostile unit it has a..." he didn't continue hearing static on the other end,   "He was in the clearing again and ran towards the pod. He ran in and clicked on the door fast for it to submerge. It started to before the doors closed and water filled in it was ankle high before something jumped in causing the water to splash around it. Its cloak failed and Lee looked at the creature. It growled loudly at him and looked at him. It grabbed his neck and pushed him against the wall. His feet dangled as it looked at him. The Humanoid tilted his head and had the recording play,   "Sergeant Lee." The sergeant had a surprised look on his face and then the door behind him opened. The Predator looked out after Lee dropped seeing ten marines he roared loudly before a freezing substance filled the room. The Predator fell over as the Sergeant backed up,   "It said my name...."   

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