Aliens vs. Predator. vs Terminator: Origins of Conflict (Prologue/Chapter 1)

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Aliens vs. Predator. vs Terminator: Origins of Conflict (Prologue/Chapter 1) (Read 1,087 times)

Space Disc Jockey

Space Disc Jockey

Ok, before you start reading, just a little info...

First, I'm only posting the prologue and Chapter 1, for now. I have a lot more written, but I'm curious what people think of what I have posted.

Now, a few years ago, I sent Planet AVP the beginning of a AVP2 fan-script, which is very similiar to the "Chapter 1" of this story, but since then, I have (of course) scrapped the AVP 2 fan script and decided to write a new Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator story.

Anyway, here is the prologue/Chapter 1. Be prepared that I suggest ideas, which may be VERY controversial and probably, in some people's minds, "stupid", but remember this is just fan fiction  ;)


A  L  I  E  N  S
Origins of Conflict

By "Space Disc Jockey"


The sounds of crushed human skulls made Reese cringe with every step, as he carefully tried his best to plant his boots between bone and concrete, along the soil of the rubble of Los Angeles. In the distance, bursts of gun-fire filled the air, followed by massive explosions. The smell of human-ash overwhelmed Reese's nasal cavity and lungs, but he was used it, and there was something else on his mind, the blood-curdling screams of his comrade, who he was sent to protect on the outer edge of the battlefield on this night-operation, through his headset.

As he made his way through the thick clouds of dust and smoke, his senses told him he was close, but his mind was unsure of what, exactly. Those careful footsteps suddenly became increased speeds of jogging, as the thought of keeping the remains of the Judgment Day victims intact was lost in the wake of the sight of a blood-stained, broken in half, laser-gun from the missing soldier. Flashing images of death by Terminators, which have always been in his nightmares, were now occurring, while his eyes were open, as the sight of drops of red liquid contrasted against the monochromatic color of the ground in front of him. Soon, those drops of blood were starting to evolve into puddles, as Reese continued to follow the trail.

An area of dust cleared and revealed a crooked light post, with something hanging up-side-down from it, yards away. Reese wiped the sweat and dirt from his face and took another gaze at what appeared to be a human body hung by their feet. This certainly wasn't ordinary, "programmed" Terminator behavior. Possibly, Skynet created a new model, without the Resistance knowing. To confirm his worst fear, Reese made the trek towards the body, with gun drawn, pointed in every direction. As always, he felt like he was being watched, but for some reason he didn't feel like he was in the presence of a cybernetic organism.

Upon closer view of the corpse, a horrific discovery...the head and spinal cord had been violently torn out of a body that was skinned to muscle. In reaction, Reese dropped the gun as he puked and then sat on the ground, in a moment of shock.  Just then, a rumbling, motor-grinding sound emitted from above, followed by a blue spotlight. Immediately, Reese stood-up and looked around for somewhere to hide. Bursting from the clouds, a hovering, metallic vehicle scanned the world below, for any signs of human life. Evading the motion-tracker beam, Reese quickly wiggled his way under a scrapped, immobile truck. Breathing heavily, Reese put his hands over his mouth and closed his eyes, as the bright light of the noisy air-craft swiftly passed overhead.

Opening his pupils, he could see the 165 pound corpse of the soldier sway back and forth.

Behind the corpse, a silhouette of a humanoid figure slowly emerged, over a hill of piled skulls. The glowing-red eyes and the hint of a shiny, metallic gleam, from the moon's glow, immediately revealed the Terminator. Reese began to panic. The humming, machine-like sound of moving parts of the mechanical skeleton haunted Reese's ears. The Terminator slowly trudged near the hanging body and paused, apparently curious at the sight. Then, Reese began to think this Terminator was just taking another proud look at its kill, after such torment. A sudden rush of rage overtook the nerves and Reese bolted from under the truck and leaped for his gun, as the Terminator turned its cranium towards the commotion of running feet.

Reese snatched the gun from the ground and pointed at the Terminator's face. Just then, an explosion erupted, behind the Terminator. For some reason, Reese's attention was shifted to something other than the explosion or the Terminator in front of him, an outline of another figure in the distance, but this one appeared almost invisible, revealed by the intensity of the cloud of fire. Reese blinked his eyes, shook his head and looked in the direction of the cloaked being, it was gone. As the moment of confusion wore off, Reese gazed at the single red light of a laser-targeted machine gun pointed at his face.

Reese took in, what he thought would be, his last breath, as a strange gurgling, growl emitted from out of the darkness. A triangle-dotted target appeared on the back of the Terminator's head. Sensing the target, the Terminator slowly turned its body. BAM! A blue-burst of a fire ball, followed by a shower of sparks, engulfed the Terminator. The smoking, decapitated, limp body of the metal skeleton fell to its knees and tumbled to the ground, with a clanking thud. The Terminator head rolled along the piles of human skulls and finally rested, near Reese's boots. In reaction, Reese frantically, shuffled backwards, as the heavy, bipedal footsteps and shattering of human skulls, approached.

Like a diamond in the rough, the shine of silver of the Terminator head glistened against the night, as a cloaked hand reached down and gently picked it up. As if something from Shakespeare, the still-cloaked Predator held up the Terminator skull close to its face-mask and examined it for a moment. After a flurry of electrical charges, the Predator revealed itself, from its cloaked-state.   

Clutching the laser-gun in hand, Reese watched in astonishment, as the mysterious being proudly looked upon its trophy. The crackling sound of a human voice, from Reese's headset, interrupted the silence, "Reese, what's your status? Reese, do you copy?"

The Predator turned and looked in the direction of Reese, who threw down the headset, while the crackled voice continued. The Terminator skull lowered to the side of the extraterrestrial. The mounted-shoulder cannon on the Predator, still red-hot and smoking, positioned to Reese's direction. The three-dotted-triangle red mark of death tattooed Reese's forehead. The Predator curled its other arm and in an instant, a pair of blades extended out of the gauntlet. By a motion of surrender, Reese let go of the laser-gun.

After staring at Reese for a moment, the Predator's visor flashed a ray of gold light. The pair of blades retracted, and the laser-target light on the mask diminished.

The Predator growled, turned away from Reese, (who quickly noticed the Resistance soldier's head/spinal cord strapped to the creature's back), and then cloaked. With a blink of an eye, the creature instantly, vanished.


A small spacecraft carefully landed, kicking up a flurry of dust. A panel door opened, followed by a harsh red glow. Suddenly, a ramp lowered and nestled on top of the soil. Five figures began to decent down the ramp, one at a time.

In the distance, a silhouette of a smoking and burning, gigantic derelict ship rested on a pile of boulders and structures that looked like ribs.

Inside the downed craft, gigantic hallways covered in strange, bone-like designs are shaken with echoes of a loud, piercing cry. Very dark, but barley lit, the space ship is large enough to be some sort of carrier, transport-type vessel.

Suddenly, a shadowed figure darted from the darkness, huffing. It shrieked loudly, as it bolted down the hall. A trail of orange blood followed its path.

Outside, the five visitors neared the derelict space craft, with its jutting twin, tails towering to the sky. The beings are mounted with metallic armor from shoulders to toe, with long, black, braided tendrils (resembling dreadlocks) dangling from the head, which is fitted with a metallic space helmet, Predators.

The leader, dressed in a red robe, wearing a ceremonial, crested face mask, nodded at the other Predator, who cloaked, and then disappeared into the ship, through a shredded, gapped hole, caused by the crash.

Out of the shadows, a bruised and battered Space Jockey frantically scrambled toward the distress-console. The creature's jaw and upper body were drenched with orange blood. With a loud, hacking cough, the creature dropped to the floor, quivering erratically.

After a while of searching the ship, the cloaked Predator finally hurdled down a long, vertical hallway, until it landed, onto the horizontal surface of a very large, dark chamber. The air and environment clouded the normal vision. The Predator visor shifted modes and upon seeing what the room consisted of, grunted in amazement.

Uncloaking, the Predator engaged its three-triangle target laser from its helmet and pointed it directly down upon an oval-shaped, leathery-textured egg. The target lit the inside of the egg, revealing a silhouette of something moving inside. The Predator slowly raised its head and saw that there are thousands of more eggs, scattered around it. A thin layer of blue mist covered the top of the eggs.


The Predator quickly faced the direction of the sound. Changing modes again, the bright orange bloodied Space Jockey was in focus. The Predator vision zoomed in.

The Space Jockey shook and bled all over the floor, as it pointed a handheld type weapon right at the Predator. The intruding hunter gurgled and examined the Space Jockey's insides, which revealed a wiggling Queen chestburster. The Predator hollered loudly, so the others could hear.

Hearing the cries from inside, the Predator group looked at each other. The leader marched into the ship.

The Space Jockey's chest bulged, as more blood spew. The Predator targeted the Space Jockey in the head with the red, triangle laser. Before the Predator could fire, the Space Jockey took a shot.

The blast knocked the hunter off its feet, breaking the blue layer of matter, as his body collapsed into the egg pit. Green, glowing blood oozed from the smoking, bullet-cavity of the Predator's stomach. The Predator roared and tore off its damaged mask in desperation. Above the lying Predator, the flaps of an Alien egg peeled back.

The Space Jockey quickly limped up a flight of stairs to the floor above. Upon reaching the upper level, the Jockey keeled over in pain and then crawled to the distress console and with all of its might, punched in the codes, as its chest busted open from the inside. A small, ugly, worm-looking creature with a unique shaped crest emerged, covered in blood and guts. It hissed and extended its tongue at the host, who took once last glance, before dying. The Queen chestburster squealed again and scurried into the shadows.

The Predator slowly sat up and felt its wound. As the green blood drizzled from his fingers, the Predator eyed the open egg. Then, another egg unfolded next to him. The hunter's mandibles flared, as the claws of a face-hugger appeared and in a flash, the hugger clasped around the Predator's face.

About a half-hour to an hour later, the other Predators arrived on the scene. The leader noticed the lifeless body of the lone Predator lying next to an open egg. Attached to the Predator's face was a crab-looking creature, with the tail coiled around the neck. The impregnation had begun and the Predators knew the fate of their unconscious comrade. The leader gurgled and motioned for a spear.

Without hesitation, the leader plunged the spear tip into the unconscious Predator's body. After a moment, the leader tore the spear out of the corpse. Green blood dripped from the spear-tip. The leader breathed heavily, as the other Predators lowered their heads.

The face-hugger, sensed the breathing of the host had stopped, unlatched and started to run off. In reaction, the leader quickly stabbed the face-hugger with the spear, pinning it to the ground. Acid blood spilled upon the floor, followed by puffs of smoke. Carefully, the hugger lifted from the floor. The parasite was still alive, kicking its claws and wiggling its tail, as the Predator leader presented it inches from his mask. The Predator leader grunted a laugh and continued along the path, with the helpless face-hugger still thrashing on the spear.

Behind the last Predator of the group, an egg opened. A facehugger quietly crept out and crawled along the floor like a little crab, following the Predator hunting party. The last Predator stopped, before two re-view mirrors ejected out from the sides of the mask, which revealed the stalking hugger. As the hugger inched closer, it sprung upwards and launched into the air. In an instant, the parasite became vaporized into small pieces, by a blue shoulder-cannon laser.

Suddenly, an eerie, high-pitched shriek echoed from the upper floor. All the Predators turned their attentions upward, as the sounds of something moving around, slowly trailed off.
The leader grabbed the hugger's tail, ripped the creature off the spear, hurled it to the floor, and crushed the parasite, with a thundering stomp of a foot. The Predator party made the trek up the flight of stairs.

On the second level, the leader carefully approached the distress console. He scanned the exposed chest cavity of the Jockey corpse. The leader then looked down and noticed a trail of bloody prints that only newborn prey could make.

With a quick jerk of his head to side, the leader Predator motioned for two other Predators to follow the prints into darkness. In an instant, they cloaked and vanished.

On the second floor, further down the hall, one of the two pursuing Predators stopped, hunched down and picked up newly shed skin, from newborn prey.

Suddenly, a faint cry echoed from the down the hall. The hunters split in different directions.

After cautiously scoping the area around him, a frustrated Predator uncloaked, as liquid dripped onto its shoulders from above. Behind, a dark blob slowly dropped to the floor. An elongated, crest-tube head emerged from the darkness. The uncloaked Predator sensed the young Queen and whirled around, stabbing the xenomorph through the chest cavity with its spear, followed by a resounding roar.

Suddenly, the armored hunter began to convulse... a dagger-tipped xenomorph tail was impaled through the chest, from the back.

The other Predator uncloaked and roared. The young Queen reacted with a loud, rumbling hiss and retracted its tail. The dead Predator plopped to the floor, as the Queen positioned her tail in a striking pose.

The Queen hissed again and lashed out its Predator-blooded tongue. The Predator challenger slowly took off its shoulder-cannon, dropping it to the floor, followed by an echoing thud.

With its left hand, the Predator reached to its back and took out a spear and held it horizontally, to the direction of the Queen. The Predator tightly gripped the handle, making the harpoon-like weapon extend full length in a snap. The Predator flashed its visor and stood in its own fighting stance. With its right hand, the Predator began to unhook the wires/drains attached to the mask. Finally, the hunter removed its metallic helmet and tossed it to the side.

Upon glancing down at the dead body of a fellow hunter, the now unmasked intergalactic terrestrial growled, and clicked the facial pinchers. The Predator raised its right arm, extended its wrist-blades outward from the gauntlet.

Suddenly, a net flew toward the Queen's direction, engulfing her body and sending it into a nearby wall. She screamed and scratched at the netting, which tightened with each struggle.

A red triangle-target tattooed the Queen's head. Two more Predators stood feet away, one (the leader) with the laser target pointed right at the Queen's skull.

The pinned, majestic prey snarled back. In response, the un-masked, challenging Predator let out a ferocious bellow, spreading the mandibles outward.

As the Predator approached for the kill, the xenomorph mother quickly spat a stream of acid (like a cobra) into the hunter's face. The spear dropped to the floor.

Sounds of sizzling filled the air, as the hunter backed away quickly, covering its burning eyes.


Then, a familiar hiss could be heard from behind...

The exhausted armored being, with half of its face burned and melted away from the acid, turned to see three Alien warriors, huddled together. Their lips curled, teeth glaring, as if they were smiling at the sight.

The unmasked Predator grunted, and extended a set of wrist-blades from its left-arm gauntlet. The unmasked Predator now had two-sets of wrist-blades extended on both arms. A reflection of the Aliens could be seen on the blades.

With a high-piercing scream, the xenomorphs charged. With a powerful thrust, the unmasked Predator cut the jugular of one of the prey with his wrist-blades.


To Be Continued....maybe

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