Aliens: Relic

Started by Naissus, Oct 30, 2007, 09:47:06 PM

Aliens: Relic (Read 2,209 times)



Just a little idea I decided to do something about.  Comment if you want.


Somewhere in the outskirts of mankind's slice of the galaxy...

   The video screen beeped at the crew members inside the command module of the mining ship Autina.  The screen showed a large drilling rig attached to a small asteroid.  Problem was it wasn't moving.  Tanner kicked the computer, not enough to break it but enough to vent out his anger for having picked this stupid assignment. 
"Hey Deskman, get that drill going, we have a deadline to make."
"Then get your ass down here."

Deskman, in a spacesuit, walked over to the malfunctioning drill and began to work on it.  Cursing as a few engineers walked around checking on the other drills to make sure they didn't get stuck.
"Deskman, is it stuck."
"Tanner what do you can't expect things to go smoothly with outdated technology..."

Tanner clicked off the video screen turning it off.  Messenger, the female pilot, who had the scores to be a pilot for some mega corporation ferrying suits, decided to follow in her moms footsteps and be a space mining pilot.
"How did I get myself in this position Alexia?"
"Headquarters said you needed a little experience out in the fringes of humanity.  So here you are."
"Yeah I guess, I should have been in politics."
"Yeah right, and you thought companies were corrupt.  Face it you can't be a politician, you are just not two-faced.
"Hopefully, this little job will get me my promotion and a new assignment to one of those recreational colonies.  It would be smooth sailing from there."
"Right you would get bored within a week.  No, you will take a job in R&D."
"Maybe and maybe I will bring someone else along with me," he said and gave her a wink.
She moved over and gave him a kiss on the head.  "I'm going to sleep honey, wake me when it's done."

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