'WORTHY' A Predator fan novel.

Started by Murfy426, Aug 12, 2022, 09:21:26 PM

'WORTHY' A Predator fan novel. (Read 1,475 times)



So with all the hype and after finally watching Prey, the creative juices started to flow in the direction of Predator. Admittedly I've always written in the Alien universe but this story wouldn't get out my head once the seed was planted so here is the Prologue

Everyone's clamouring for the next predator to be set in feudal Japan but personally the Vikings are where it's at. Do five minutes of research and you'll see their mythology is perfect for a predator story.

Full disclaimer however this is a first draft, I just wanted to put this prologue out there and see how the reaction is.

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A joy to read.   :)

I would never dare write anything in such a stylised way like that for fear I would cock it up!

One minor thing: The way you write your dialog mentally trips me up every time I run into your non-standard punctuation.

I think this might help.



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