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Xeno-Invasion(s) (Read 2,611 times)



I wanted to offer an extra-note in this Alien sci-fi franchise (fanfiction!) regarding our 'dystopian' fascination with characterizing sci-fi horror/fantasy in terms of raw destiny. Enjoy,


Two Interpol-relations diamond thieves named Amlan/Marcus were secretly recruited by Weyland to investigate the potential invasion of a hostile alien species called Xenomorph arriving on Earth following an intelligent communique hailing their arrival as a sign of planetary transformation. The two thieves, Amlan/Marcus, brothers from Algeria, were recruited/trained as soldier-infiltrators whose only job/mission would be to invade the landing space-ship of the Xenomorph aliens (when it finally landed on our organic planet!) and attempt to scramble its computing systems, interpret its computing functionalism, or reroute its communication terminal pathways to Earth computing portals (e.g., Weyland/Cigna). These master-thieves (Amlan/Marcus) were trained in combat and guerrilla skills as well as computer/hacking skills for one year, prior to the expected arrival/landing of the Xenomorph space-ship.

When the Xenomorph aliens did finally/indeed land on our organic/peaceful planet (Earth!) and docked in a side of a deep cavern of the Grand Canyon and awaited for either human contact or evade bother to plan their engagement with our species on this rich planet, Weyland sent its two trained guerilla-soldiers/thieves (Amlan/Marcus) to scurry into their space-ship after the aliens de-boarded and began to explore around. The two Weyland ninjas did so, and began to take photos of the Xeno-alien space-ship for human scientists. They also did their other portion of the task and scrambled the alien space-craft's computing systems and performed tracking activity programs for future human logging of Xeno-alien design. After all this, they decided to wait outside the ship and just hide out there in the Grand Canyon and attempt to 'engage' a potential Xenomorph alien, a larger-than-man sized insect-dragon like creature of ferocious intelligence and malicious will, with their handy-dandy Weyland laser-guns.

AMLAN: God gave us the will/wits to create great anti-invasion responses here/now, brother.
MARCUS: Fortunately, these Xeno-aliens may not be as clever/devastating as we feared, Amlan.

Perhaps the brothers were right, as they performed their successful tasks for humanity/Weyland and awaited further instructions from their officials. They wielded their laser-guns and radio-communication devices inside their suit-lining and waited for a potential engagement with the terrifying Xeno-aliens. This engagement did come in the end, as the Xeno-aliens began to run back to their docked space-ship after performing a 3-month devastation-attack on the shorelines of California, creating whirlpools and sand-storms to terrorize beach-goers and deliver messages about the 'Christian Apocalypse' (which Weyland interpreted as a clear sign of the aliens' dark intent to create absolute hellmouths in this awkward 'first contact' with organic intelligence on Earth). The stage was set for either a final laser-shootout in the Grand Canyon between the Weyland ninjas (Amlan/Marcus) and the monstrous Xeno-aliens or a more surprising 'diplomatic' meeting creating a new form of inter-species diction.


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