Alien: Moonraker

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Here's a fun Weyland company fan-fiction about moon survival in the after wave of a terrible engagement between discovered Black and Red Xenomorph aliens vying for complete control over planetary drama!


The horrifying space war between the Black Xenomorph aliens and the Red Xenomorph aliens on planet LG-426 required the valiant Weyland Company crew captain Holden and his first-mate woman Lieutenant Daniels to rally the human space explorers and serve basically as survivalist experts, photojournalists, and scientists. The Black Xenomorph was known to Weyland explorers for some time now, including the inception mission manned by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. The Black Xenomorph resembles a very large insect or dragon with fierce intelligence and razor claws and acidic blood. It's a real menace, known also to Holden and Daniels. However, the cousin of this terrifying intelligent alien, the Red Xenomorph, is much more unpredictable. The Red Xenomorphs possess similar weaponized biological features to the Black Xenomorph such as razor claws and acidic blood and also resembled in shape a very large insect or dragon or a cross between the two. However, the Red Xenomorph is much more furious and chaotic and uses much more violent tactics like spraying acid in the lungs of its enemies to create total collapse.

Holden and Daniels were ordered to man the moon by planet LG-426 afternoon the Black-Red Xenomorph War on the base planet concluded, with the Red Xenomorph making its presence known with a very ominous if tight victory. The Red Xenomorph aliens began colonizing the planet and claiming it as their own. Meanwhile, on the moon, Weyland captain Holden and Lieutenant Daniels took stock of the survivors on their vessel Nostradamus. They assessed that the pet dog Wolf, the three children who came on what was originally to be a peaceful colonial and farming expedition for Weyland designed to confer planet LG-426 into a habitat for humans, and the multiple female nuns who'd serve as priestesses of the new church being built on the planet were to be offered fortress like security on the moon of the planet while Holden and Daniels evaluated what Weyland sought after this devastating and unpredicted war between the Black and Red Xenomorphs.

HOLDEN: Our refugees are messengers of peace and hope, Daniels.
DANIELS: I don't ever want to think of these Black and Red Xenomorphs, sir.
HOLDEN: That's why our survivor crew is creating a sanctuary for our refugees.
DANIELS: The war shook up our dog Wolf, sir.
HOLDEN: I agree, and that's why I think we should just hide on this moon.
DANIELS: Right, as long as Weyland strands us here, we'll have to simply create a fortress.
HOLDEN: This has become a prayer expedition, no?

Holden and Daniels ordered the remaining soldiers of the Nostradamus crew to create fortifications in the underground tunnels on the moon created by the soldiers themselves to hide the refugees from the failed habitat mission on planet LG-426, the children, the nuns, and the dog Wolf. Meanwhile, the soldiers were also commanded to engineer creative security fortifications underground on the moon in case the chaotic Red Xenomorph aliens decided to prowl around on the moon, even though the Nostradamus vessel itself was well hidden underground now. While Holden and Daniels waited and prayed, hoping Weyland would order their return to a human habituated planet managed by the Company, the Nostradamus crew and its refugees continued to live their lives underground on the moon. This was expected fortunately to be some kind of overall alien evasion procedure, despite Weyland commands to sit on the moon to watch the aliens on LG-426 for any new discoveries. Holden told Daniels this alien war would not spell doom for the crew of the Nostradamus, to which Daniels shrewdly if coldly replied, "All good things come to those who whisper."


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