Predator Jungle Hunter - movie fan edit

Started by Nightmare, Sep 28, 2020, 04:27:27 PM

Predator Jungle Hunter - movie fan edit (Read 710 times)



after seeing the topic for AVPR redux i got an idea, what if i edited all predator movies into max 45min episodes for an anthology series?

The first was the original predator, i included some deleted footage and it runs at about 41 mins with credits included

this is early work, audio in particular needs lots of tweaking

Major change list:
- removed the guerrila subplot
- remove elpidia carrilo and shane black completely
- poncho dies off camera
- added butterfly deleted scene
- added a color corrected (for night time) cloaking scene from unused footage of cloaking tests
- added the predator teasing with dutch deleted scene
- added deleted footage of the dutch preparation for the final battle

Here are a few "new" scenes

Arrival - The predator arrives and we get the title, helicopter scenes are cut together and the marines go straight to the jungle

Stalker - After the skinned bodies scenes i skip the whole guerrilla subplot, initial predator encounter, poncho is killed off camera, includes a deleted scene

Trophy - After the "Contact" scene the episode cuts to the night scene, the predator retrieves Blain's body

Billy - Billy's death is a single scene now, my first experiment with rotoscoping to remove dutch and company from the log scene

Hunter - Very raw early draft, includes a lot of deleted footage, dutch's encounter with the predator right until after the Mud scene

Here you have the current raw cut of the full episode, remember, it's unfinished!

I have minimal experience with photoshop and never even edited video before, so i'm looking at this more as a toy project for learning than anything

If anyone wants to help it would be awesome to have a generic intro for all episodes

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