Predator : Cazador de Hombres (available late 2020)

Started by Saith, Jun 11, 2020, 10:19:35 AM

Predator : Cazador de Hombres (available late 2020) (Read 6,315 times)



"Sanguinis et Ossium est omnia"


f**k, this place can really be hot sometimes...

Alternative Journalist Tony Pope now resides in Mexico City. He is tired, bitter and haunted by the memories of a vicious killing spree that took place during a scorching summer, five years ago in Los Angeles.
While producing a street-side, pulp style revenge show for a local cable network, another mystery has begun to plague the population. Recently, hundreds of people have gone missing from all across the city.
Tony's boredom with the TV format grows into frustration and he considers the career move towards a low rate Private Investigator.

Two city detectives are currently burdened with an abundance of disappearing civilians. This year the case numbers are unprecedented. Rumours suggest the emergence of a Human Trafficking Cartel shrouded in secrecy and reviled by all who have heard the stories.
After a dark turn of events, the hierarchy puts a halt upon their investigation and one of the detectives makes a gruesome discovery.

Yet, something else has been watching and waiting...

A hunter known as The Predator is on earth from a distant world. Drawn towards heat and conflict, sporting human trophies with a mixture of primitive tactics and alien technology. Although, perhaps its desire is consequent of an even greater purpose.

When a journalist turned low rate private investigator meets with an ex-cartel associate who is looking for a clean break, he uncovers the brutal truth and delves into the clandestine darkness behind its vicious roots. If not only to finally understand...

Cazador de Hombres

A tale of Blood and Mysticism

*An ambitious original project spanning multiple media. For fans of Old School action with a Predator 2 atmosphere.

Available 2022


This sounds like some pulp fictiony goodness, sign me up.



Well, life has really gotten in the way of this undertaking. As the past years have imposed a huge toll upon many of us.

Sadly, there has been no time to lavish upon this work until recent. Likely any artist will tell you that having more time during the creation and composition of a project is often to the benefit. Suffice to say, this is indeed the case.

More news to come soon!

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