My Aliens Animated Deboot Fan Film Trilogy Is Complete

Started by Number13, Jan 28, 2020, 10:31:24 AM

My Aliens Animated Deboot Fan Film Trilogy Is Complete (Read 891 times)


Hello everyone. For those of you who don't know me, I'm an amateur animator, and I've spent a lot of life adult life making a deboot trilogy of animated Alien fan films. Deboot means sequel that retcons another sequel, like Halloween 2018 or Terminator Dark Fate. I am a huge fan of Alien and Aliens (and I like Prometheus and Alien Covenant) and I always wanted to write my own Aliens stories, but I was never a fan of Alien3, theatrical or assembly cut, and I'm not that crazy about Alien Resurrection either. I really liked the Newt character in Aliens, and I thought it would be a great idea to tell a story about her grown up on her own Alien adventures, quite similar to the Aliens comic books written by Mark Verhieden prior to the release of Alien3, which due to Alien3's release led to Newt and Hicks' names changed in those comic books. Those books were a big inspiration for my trilogy. I really had fun making these, and some people like them, despite the fact that I'm not a very good animator. Well, here they are:

Aliens Unleashed Volume 1: Set 20 years after Aliens, after Hadley's Hope, Ripley has vanished with no sign of her, Newt has grown up and got a job on a new colony thanks to Hicks, who is retired from the Marines. The Aliens have not been seen in years, but the company, Weyland-Yutani has dug up the Derelict ship from Alien, which was buried by the Hadley's Hope explosion, and they brought the Aliens to the same planet Newt and Hicks are now living. The Aliens have escaped and taken over the colony, Newt must take charge and lead the colonists to safety or they will suffer the same fate as Hadley's Hope.

Aliens Apocalypse Volume 2: Months after Part 1, Newt is back on Earth and she and her friends have been blacklisted by the company and are just trying to get by. Little do they know, Wey-Yu has been breeding Aliens in secret, and with animals creating Alien crossbreeds (based on the Kenner toys of course). The Aliens have gotten lose and for the past few months have been lurking and breeding underground. Now they're time has come and they have conquered the planet like a zombie apocalypse. Newt and her friends are trying to survive, when they find a rescue team who taking them somewhere safe, but they must avoid Aliens and Wey-Yu's Alien crossbreeds.

Aliens Vengeance Volume 3: After escaping Earth in Part 2, Newt and her friends have awakened on a Wey-Yu space station and find it crawling with Aliens. But that's not all they find, Ripley has returned and joined their fight for survival. Our heroes and the survivors must escape the space station and finish the Aliens and Wey-Yu once and for all. This is their final stand, and not all of them will survive it.

I hope you enjoy them, if not, doesn't matter. Some people like them, despite their flaws, some just see them for their flaws. But most importantly, if you have a problem with me retconning Alien3, I just didn't have any compunction to follow that story and my only response to that is, go watch Alien3 and don't watch my movies, that's perfectly fine. I like Halloween 2 and think it's the best Halloween sequel, but I was perfectly fine with Halloween 2018 retconning it.


I look forward to watching these, While I did enjoy Alien 3 and Res, I'm open to watching alternate storylines.


Quote from: Dingbat on Mar 01, 2020, 03:27:50 PM
I look forward to watching these, While I did enjoy Alien 3 and Res, I'm open to watching alternate storylines.

Sorry for the late reply, a lot on my mind and trying to get the ball rolling on an animated Predator trilogy. I just wanna say thank you and hope you enjoy them, or if you've already watched them, I hope you enjoyed them. I hope you overlooked the bad animation and appreciate the stories, like how I feel about The Shining mini-series. I'm also glad you're open minded, like I was about Halloween 2018 ignoring Halloween 2 (the original), as much as I like Halloween 2, the alternate story was well done, like taking out that Michael and Laurie were siblings and considering the way Michael died in Halloween 2 didn't really seem possible to survive, I'm surprised he came back in the first deboot, Halloween H20, which was a sequel to both the original Halloween 1&2.

And thank you for being my first reply.


Hey I finally found this topic, you going to make fanfilms of your prequel series?

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