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The iconic Xenomorph/Alien has become an iconic sci-fi horror symbol of adaptation, survivalism, and menacing intelligence. The ominous Predator creature has become an iconic sci-fi horror symbol of relentless hunting, weapons-mastery, and unsightly evil. The AVP (Alien vs. Predator) films have captured a general fascination with engaging these two iconic sci-fi horror-film creatures in an apocalyptic 'battle.'

America is the symbolic and intriguing land of pluralism/mullticulturalism, commerce/consumerism, and all kinds of interesting human traffic. That's why this AVP fan-fic is dedicated to all the traffic-craziness of America!


The Xenomorph landed in America on Labor Day 2017, just when the Trump Administration was dealing with the nuclear-missile test crisis/controversy involving North Korea. The Xenomorph (or simply 'Xeno') did not arrive on Earth/America alone. The unsightly weapons-enhanced Predator also arrived on Labor Day 2017. The Xeno wanted to capitalize on all the sociopolitical turbulence involving North Korea, but the Predator simply wanted to use the turbulence-stage as a means to create a ruthless hunting-ground. The Xeno began preying on the tourists travelling to South Korea (as the Winter Olympics in 2018 approached!), but the Predator began stalking the youngsters of North Korea (by engaging with them invisibly using its ominous cloaking-device and trying to brainwash them to create urban anarchy and pedestrian homegrown terrorism!).

The Xeno was not a 'benign' creature even when compared to the unsightly ruthlessness of the Predator. America was in great sociopolitical flux, since it had elected its first celebrity-president since Ronald Reagan. Reagan, as the world knew, gave the post-Industrialization landscape the 'problem' of Reaganomics, and social critics wondered if Trump would give the world 'Trumponomics' (a sort of consumerism-dazed and commerce-confused rendition of spending-based over-inflated Wall Street confidence!). Amidst all this socio-cultural intrigue, the Trump Administration had to secure the region of North Korea/South Korea, since the Winter Game in PyeongChang (South Korea) was approaching, and the global community wanted a fixed and secure statement about commerce-engaged peace in this new era. The last thing humanity needed was an 'AVP engagement' to riddle an already-challenged Earth!

XENO: America is ripe...
PREDATOR: The world is ripe...
XENO: You're just a hunter!
PREDATOR: I'm a 'messenger.'
XENO: I'm more scientific.
PREDATOR: Well, I'm more 'imaginative.'
XENO: You're a destroyer, nothing more.
PREDATOR: You're just a creature-witness!
XENO: I have more sensitivity to sentient concerns.
PREDATOR: I care nothing about the 'needs' of other sentient beings.
XENO: That's what makes you weak...blind fury!
PREDATOR: I still say you're just a baby-doll.
XENO: We'll see who wins this 'American contest.'
PREDATOR: I think the Winter Olympics (South Korea) will go smoothly.
XENO: Don't be flippant!
PREDATOR: I will win...

After this great Xeno-Predator 'debate,' the Xeno and Predator began roaming around the global landscape on Earth as the Winter Games in South Korea approached. U.S. President Donald Trump had an ominous dream in which he envisioned terrible message-delivering creatures visiting Earth and reminding humanity that commerce and consumerism (and capitalism itself!) might not be sufficient in providing the world with a reliable source of contract-engaged peace! When Trump awoke from his dream, he called the NSA and ordered that the military forces of America create an intelligence-signal 'perimetry' to secure any irregular threat posed by an alien-intelligence 'presence' seeking to 'capitalize' on this new North Korea/South Korea nuclear instability. The NSA thought Trump was crazy, but Trump insisted that this was no time to declare that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) be declared as simply 'dumb,' especially since the very-real threat of modern nuclear warfare loomed and humanity was now ultra-sensitive about traffic holes. After all, an alien-intelligence could 'profit' from humanity's upreparedness regarding global political peace!

The Xeno and the Predator finally engaged with each other on the climactic battleground in Megiddo (near the Holy City of Jerusalem). The Xeno cut its arm and used its spraying corrosive acidic blood to splash on the Predator's face, causing it to deteriorate and scar forever! The Predator retaliated by launcing an explosive dart into the Xeno's hand, causing it to simply dash into pieces. Using the remaining surviving hand, the Xeno clawed off the Predator's aiming-mechanism (the singular device used for managing all of the creature's weapons!), so the Predator was left using only its primal instincts to fight. Now, required to rely only on hand-to-hand combat, the Predator had to wrestle with the Xeno, and since the Xeno was a better wrestler (because of its agility-enabling giant tail), it prevailed, and the Predator hopped back onto its ship and flew away from Earth at a very high speed, vowing never to return(!). The Xeno then sent an email message(!) to President Trump:

"It was my great honor, Mr. President, to defeat the Predator and secure stability for the people of planet Earth. I am a 'Xeno-creature' equipped with the ability to stalk and destroy humans, but when I realized that the relentless Predator creature (who also arrived on Earth on Labor Day seeking to capitalize on your North Korea/South Korea nuclear turbulence) was too menacing and merciless, I decided it would be a greater challenge to chase it away from Earth rather than terrorizing the vulnerable humans! So, I depart this planet with that gift --- the Predator will never return to cause havoc (so neither will I to defend humanity). Please remember to use your commerce-oriented politics (e.g., NATO, European Union) to secure peace and ensure that the Winter Games in PyeongChang goes smoothly, so generations to come will remember how commerce and modernism created a 'happy dodgeball'."



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