Possible Alien 5 story...

Started by Private Hudson, Sep 11, 2007, 01:21:16 AM

Possible Alien 5 story... (Read 2,347 times)

Private Hudson

Private Hudson

I've thought of numerous alien 5 storys and heres one I made up by myself..its not exactly going to be a classic but its the best i thought of.

   After the events of the catastrophe on LV-426, a rescue squad of elite marines goes to LV-426 to find out what happened to the other elite squad.

  "Alright marines, perhaps you've heared about the incedent on LV-426? well now you're goin in to find out what happened..."said Luietennant Macintire. Macintire was a tall, rather intimidating, marine.He served in numerous battles and had hardly a scratch. "Your obbjective is to go in, examine the area, and get out and inform me of what happened, so that I may inform the company." orderred Luietennant Macintire. "Now I want you all ready to get planet-side within 2 hours..NOW MOVE PEOPLE!!!!" Corporal Parker hated Macintre so slacked off when ever he gave an order."I hope he rots in hell man" he whisphered to his friend, private Graves, who also hated Macintire.

2 hours later all marines were suited up, 5 to be exact, they were private Graves, Corporal Parker, Sargent Gibbins, private Hobbs, and Macintire. As they were loading into the APC's going into the dropships, Parker said,"Why's the Company sending marines? We're not scientists, what we looking for anyhow?" Macintire replied," I dont know why. They tell me to do something, I do it! Understood?!"Parker rolled his eyes and entered the APC.

About an hours ride and and they were planetside. Hobbs,a clear lunatic whos always scared said" What the hell happened here? This is bad I have a very, very bad fealing bout' this man.." The sargent told Hobbs to shut up. As they moved in closer more destroyed rubble came into view. Macintire noticed a piece of rubble from a dropship that crashed, most likely from the previous squad. " Stay frosty", said a nervous Graves. Right as he said that some kind of long headed, double jawed creature jumped out of some rubble and instantly killed Graves. Before Graves died he dhot off some rounds from the Smartgun he had and popped Macintire in the head. Parker out of anger from his friend dying took his M41A Pulse Rifle and blew the Creature head off. As they creature bled, Hobbs got hit by some acid, apparently the creatures blood, and screamed in pain. "Hold on man, HOLD ON!!" said Sarge who was trying to bandage Hobbs' arm. "What was that man?" Screamed a confused confused Parker. " I duno', but he killed the Lueitennant." replied the Sarge. Parkers sat over Graves' body." I want out man! I want out!" screamed Hobbs.

  "Alpha squad to base do you read?"said Parker trying to get to someone at base ship." No answer sarge.." It was two hours since they saw the creature. They thought there were no more till about a few minutes ago loads started comming out of a hole in the rubble. Parker was shooting with one arm while trying to get contact with base. Sarge was flaming them with his flamethrower, which was very effective, Hobbs was shooting his Smartgun, but they cept on comming, and comming! They were running out of ammo fast! Parker tossed some grenades but that just made the hole bigger. Parker got up and helped. They stopped comming!!" HELL YEAH!!WE GOT EM HAHHAH!!!"yelled a triumphunt Hobbs but as he yelled..He got pulled under the ground by a huge alien! THE QUEEN!!. Parker and Sarge were scared....Very scared. They opened fire but the creature kept comming! They ran out of ammo....then it killed Sarge with a single swipe. Parker cowwered down..praying..then as the Queens hand rose....Parker rose to the air and landed.....in 2 pieces. Alpha team was dead...not long till another rescue team wuold come and thier fate would be the same........

So what you think? Was it good or bad? Replie and tell me what I could do to make it better. Thanks for reading my story. 

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