Predator Coming Back To UK Cinemas May 11th 7PM

Started by Darkness, May 05, 2015, 05:58:37 PM

Predator Coming Back To UK Cinemas May 11th 7PM (Read 2,153 times)


1987’s Predator is coming back to cinemas across the UK for a one time only event. IGN recently asked people to vote for their favourite Monster/Hunting film to bring back to cinemas and yes, Predator came out on top. The screening will take place at 7PM on the 11th May in six cities: London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, and Manchester. The tickets are free and are given away on a first come first serve basis. You’ll get one ticket plus one for a guest which you’ll later be expected to print out.

predator-poster Alien: Covenant: One Year Later - AvP Galaxy Podcast #68

If you want to see one of Arnie’s best movies and happen to live in or near one of those cities, you can get your ticket here and use the password “IGNENT.

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Is that a real poster?

'It came for the thrill of the hunt.
It picked the wrong man to hunt.
Soon the hunt will begin.'

Anyone would think this is a film about, I don't know, a hunt or something. :)


Are they showing this using the 35mm film?

I love when they do this to experience it the way it originally was shown. To me its like seeing an oil painting...not the print of one

Space Voyager

The selection isn't surprising. Either Predator, Alien or Aliens, the rest is rubbish. ;)

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