Alien - Sea of Sorrows Review

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jul 28, 2014, 07:39:07 AM

Alien - Sea of Sorrows Review (Read 2,042 times)

Corporal Hicks

Titan has just released Alien – Sea of Sorrows, the second in their trilogy. Written by James A. Moore, Sea of Sorrows is a direct sequel to Alien – Out of the Shadows. Titan was kind enough to provide us with a copy to review and I’ve just uploaded my thoughts:

Something I really liked was that Jim Moore took it very slow to build up the action. The first half of the book was devoted almost entirely to the development of Alan Decker, the main character and the world in which he lived. The world building that Jim did in this novel was fantastic. The ICC, who Decker works for, was mentioned previously in Aliens but never really dealt with. Jim gave them further attention and looked into them somewhat.”

Be sure to read my entire review to find out what I though. Alien – Sea of Sorrows is available to purchase now. You can also check out our interview with author, James Moore, uploaded last month. Also keep an eye on the front page as we will be giving away three copies of the novel shortly.

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Are these two books worth the read?

How does it feel being an extension of the original film?

How does it compare to Aliens: Earth Hive Nightmare asylum?

Corporal Hicks

I enjoyed them both - not without faults but still good. Much fresher writing than the older novels (naturally) and much better treatment of the Aliens, I think.

I've got reviews for them both -

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