Sign here if you are going to avoid reviews before you see te film

Started by shadowedge, May 31, 2012, 05:23:23 AM

Sign here if you are going to avoid reviews before you see te film (Read 1,078 times)


The temptation is great but I am going to avoid looking at reviews before I see Prometheus. I don't want my opinion to be influenced one way or the other.

Anyone else doing this?


That boat has long since sailed off for me.  I've read everything. :laugh:

However I'm going to love this movie. How can I not. The trailers have almost everything I want.


It is a bit too late shadowedge..., me thinks

Salt The Fries

I have to wait like that till 20th of July, and while I managed to avoid all reviews so far, I'm not sure how long can I take it...


I am. I have not read a review yet, just some twitter reactions that have been spoiler free. I am also not clinking into too many threads here as there are spoilers all over the place (which makes sense, I mean it is an Aliens website after all lol). Also trying to be careful of visiting here to much till after the film releases here in the states, some spoilerish images have popped up in peoples sig's.  ;D

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