Aliens vs Predator: Final Dawn

Started by DJ Pu$$yface, Aug 16, 2010, 08:58:10 AM

Aliens vs Predator: Final Dawn (Read 536 times)

DJ Pu$$yface

DJ Pu$$yface

NOTE: Not all chapters are like this, I though a diary entry would be interesting for the introduction.

Chapter I

I remember slicing the specimen with my scapel. It was amazing, beautiful, the perfect organism in every way. It had been a big risk obtaining a Xenomorph, but the marines had succeeded. They refused to speak of how they killed it, but they weren't happy at the loss of some of their comrades.

A civilian had wandered from the compound on XV-258. Otherwise known as Verion, it had been one of Weyland-Yutani's first colonised worlds. The civilaim was Vaughn Ravies, former prisoner, who had vanished shortly after his release. He was later found, withthe facehugger parasite attached. He was put into captivity, and studied until he burst. The area was secured, and when the Xenomorph grew to adult stage, which was remarkabley quick, the marines were brought in.

Before his ugly demise, Vaughn spoke of of  underground tunnels, ruins and even some sort of arena. He had been gone for a week, and had discovered an ancient alien civilization... if one could call it that. It was after he spoke he broke down, speaking of demons and evils, horrors and hunters. Charles Bishop Weyland personally requested that he stayed alive until birth.

His eyes lit up, and I had never seen such... emotion from him before. He made yet another request, more of these creatures. Studying reports from long ago, one where a town back on Earth had been infected by these creatures, and another from a woman who survived a encounter between Xenomorphs and "huntern demons".

We figured out their lifestyle. Egg, parasite (facehugger, a less scientiffic term), infant (or chestburster) and adolescense. Fascinating creatures. We hypothesise that at least one of these becomes a queen. We only know a bare description of a queen, from the latter report I already mentioned.

Xenomorphs are fascinating enough, but I'd like to learn about these hunters as well. Not only I wonder of the link between the pair, and we'll surely find out, even if it kills us. Which, in all respects is a possibility, haha.

The sun is dawning, and Mr. Weyland requests my presence.
This is Dr. Alan Moore, signing out.

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