Death's Warrior

Started by War Wager, Jan 13, 2009, 09:56:12 PM

Death's Warrior (Read 504 times)

War Wager

War Wager

This is a short story that takes place in an alternate Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem and revolves around a single Xenomorph from it's birth to it's death.

Birth of a Terror

The beast awakes. It begins to accept the temperature of it's surroundings. Warm. Moist. The drum it lies nestled to thumps gently, creating a soothing rhythm. The beast tenses it's tail which is rapped almost perfectly around it's body, encapsulating in a safe bubble of warmth. It's tiny claws and minute teeth twitch with excitement. It begins to move it's whole body from it's statute position and is over whelmed by a horrible sense of discomfort. The walls of it's cave close in around it. The once gentle warmth now suffocates it as it struggles to break free. It slams against the soft walls of it's prison, forcing it's teeth into them and ripping vigorously. It's claws suddenly spring into action as it gauge's at the walls with neddle-like fingers. It's tail wags like a puppy dogs as it breaks through a lair of leather. It is suddenly hit with an extreme chill as the sudden change of temperature attacks it. If it had ears it would be deafened by the horrific scream that came from it's prison. A storm of red thunders around it as the beast leaps forth in a typhoon of warm wine. The prison begins to silence as it chokes in the racket.

"Welcome to the World"

Hive Building

Uncoiling itself from a egg-like position, Wraith opens his maw and extendeds his foot long inner jaw. The teeth at the end shine like dark ruby's in murky sewer as the moonlight from above shines down through manholes. Slime elegantly drips from all body parts and silently disappears into the freezing water below. In the distance, another three fellow Warriors are hard at work, staining the sewers already disgusting walls with their thick Hive resin. Opening their jaws as wide as possible, the horrible sludge slowly bubbles forth in a froth of horrid. It almost immediately sets itself into the concrete and slowly begins to expand outwards, reaching as far as it can as if it had a mind of it's own.

Wraith leaps and clamps his claws into the hard, moss covered wall opposite. He awkwardly maneuvers his legs to the side and shimmy's his arms downwards. As the inhuman move continues, Wraith's tail touches the ceiling of the tunnel and begins to work it's way across it like a snake in the grass. Wraith is eventually completely upside down with his head pointed at the wall, a river of liquid now rapidly pouring out of his mouth. He opens his jaws as wide as he can. A strange faint, noise emits from inside his throat, like machine parts clashing together. Yet it's so organic sounding, natural and unnatural at the same time. The Hive ooze soon pours forth and is spashed across the wall as if the creature was spreading butter on bread. He slowly sways his head from side to side, allowing the resin to creep further and further.   

Assault on Gunnison


Hospital Guard

Death of a Terror

*Others being written*

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