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A New Trophy

They were called the lost hunters, a clan of hunters that traveled together for the ultimate hunt. The clan leader, aka the Elder was a very experienced hunter, with the trophies and scars to prove it. He didn't need to hunt anymore. He ran the clan to bring up the new hunters and show them the way of the yautja. He was a master of hand to hand combat, his stubbornness of not carrying any weapons was his edge to his personality, however he always carried his plasma cannon just incase. His crew consisted of seven other yautja.
First there was Borg. Borg was a hi-tech, scientific type. He made sure the Elder's ship stayed in tact and also fixed the other hunters weapons or adjusted them if necessary. He had taken part in plenty of hunts, now he spent his time designing new equipment and maintaining the ship. His latest gadget was an advancement on the smart disc, in which was a small compact disc which would expand with several blades into a shurikan.
Next up was serpent. He obtained this name through a hunt on planet earth in which his fellow hunters heard a human call him 'a serpent looking thing!' He kept himself to himself but he always loved a good hunt.
Hippie was unique. He had his own style and loved to hunt alone, however he had much to learn.
Ram was often looked upon a useless because of his height. Smaller than the rest but very quick and agile.
Gort was a very talented hunter. One of the youngest hunters but always on top of his game.
Hunter was a newbie. The newest member of the clan. He recently had his first kill and was keen to learn more from the elder.
Boar. Boar was a savage. He was a great hunter, had a good knowledge of the hunt and was a great fighter. Nobody messed with the Boar!
The hunters had just returned to their home planet, from a mission on a small planet in which was infested with an alien xenomorphic species. The hunters put up a good fight which made the hunt more like a hobby or a game to them but it was Borg that saved their skins with his self destruct device that he detached form his gauntlet. It would have wiped the entire species off the planet without a trace. However Elder requested a host be captured impregnated with an alien inside it, as he had plans for a new member to join his clan.
On their home planet an upcoming warrior with style, technique and a thirst for the hunt was shining. Battles between young yautja were held and the brother of Boar was the yautja shining through. Elder had been following his progress and wanted to add his presence to his clan of lost hunters. The Elder planed to take brother Boar to a scarce planet in which he could endure in his first hunt with one of the alien xenomorphs from the previous hunt.
It was the dawn of the hunt. The impregnated host body was sent to a remote planet early, so the xenomorph would have time to hatch and grow to its full strength. This ritual often happened to upcoming yautja but not many survived the intense battle with these acid blooded killers. Elder had praised brother Boar and presented him with a mini arsenal containing armour, the clan symboled belt, a bladed gauntlet and his own personal bio helmet, very similar to his brothers but unique in its own way. In time his arsenal would improve with every hunt, eventually he would obtain his left gauntlet with the self destruct device, a combi stick, a smart disc, and eventually a plasma cannon. However this first hunt was a test of courage, strength and technique to see if brother Boar had what it takes to be a member of the lost hunters.
The hunters ship took off and headed for the planet where the alien would now be fully grown, feeding on what he could and probably building its own hive similar to its home habitat. On the voyage across space each member of the clan took time to offer brother Boar their guidance and support, but throughout the brothers time together there was silence. Boar was pleased his brother had grown to be a tough fighter but his stubbornness got the better of him.
The ship landed. Brother Boar stood up to await his challenge and as he passed, his brother, Boar patted him on the chest, but still was silent. Brother Boar entered the main chamber of the ship where the other clan members awaited him. Elder nodded to brother Boar and turned away as all the clan disappeared. Brother Boar took his lone walk down the tunnel of the ship as he walked towards his destiny.
The planets environment was mainly marshland and large forest areas divided by oceans. The climate was always wet and stormy with scorched dark skies from all the meteor activity that regularly occurred. There was no intelligent life form on the planet, just wild animals and reptiles. A lone mammal had wondered from his herd while grazing. Minding its own business it heads into woodland. Within the woodland is an old crater now covered in an unknown substance, a dark rigid texture very moist as it is coated in bile and slime as it creates a shell over the crater giving a cave like appearance. Unaware the mammal curiously heads towards the crater. Picking up a scent of a rotting flesh, the mammal heads deeper into the crater. With its nose following the scent and its ears upright listening for noise, it is unable to notice a small, dark, shadowy figure moving on the ceiling above its head. The figure stealthily drops behind the mammal, lifting its head and revealing an inner jaw within its mouth, which quickly and deadly penetrates through the mammals head, killing it instantly. As the xenomorphic alien feeds, it is unaware that a hunter is planning a strategy of attack and it is the hunters prey.
Brother Boar took a minute to assess his hunting environment and quickly took note of things which could be and advantage to his hunt. Without a computer aided gauntlet he was without his invisible camouflage, however in the stormy environment it wouldn't be effective, so he headed for his only camouflage, the trees. Using his speed and agility, he moved in and out the trees at a height where nothing could sense his presence. Stopping from time to time brother boar would hold his position, taking in his surroundings and trying to pick up tracks of his prey.
Hours past and all Brother Boar could do was sit and wait until his prey came calling. If nothing happened in time, he moved on. With other prey moving under his feat he could easily feed or collect trophies from his hunt, however Brother Boar was not about to let his concentration lapse. With a keen mind to impress the Elder and his natural hunting temperament he did not want to fail his mission. Deep inland, stalking from the trees, he picked up tracks from an unknown species, nothing common to this planet. Cautiously proceeding he saw the vile hive of this creature. He had found his prey! Instinct and knowledge made him approach the hive with caution incase this creature had traps of his own. Brother Boar sat for a while planning a strategy and to see if his prey would foolishly reveal itself as unknowing to it, the alien did not realise he was being hunted.
With no result and keen for his prey, Brother Boar made his move. Using his stealth he moved to the hive entrance. With his gauntlet blades extended he entered. Slowly but surely he progressed into the hive, watching his back as well as his front. Suddenly, a small heat spot appeared in his sight. Slightly crouched in a full posed attacking stance, he walked towards it, however it was the remains of a half eaten mammal. Brother Boar knelt beside it, taking note of the slime around the body and the wounds that it had sustained. Curiously touching the body, he brought his hand up to his face opening his fingers as the sticky slimy substance clung to them. Within the distance of the shadows, the ceiling of the hive started to unwrap itself. A figure curled down towards the floor, a stretched domed head arose. Brother Boar had sensed a presence as he quickly jumped to his feet, rotating in the air as he did so, landing facing his prey and now his opponent. The alien opened its mouth revealing deadly sharp teeth, extended its arms with its fierce claws and hissed aloud. Excited to get the fight underway, Brother Boar slightly squatted in his stance spread his arms as he gave out a load growl. In battle he would usually bare his face for his opponent but in this case he did not have time as the alien was about to strike. Whipping its rigid spiked tail, the alien swiftly moved toward Brother Boar, but knowing he was trapped and in the aliens territory, Brother Boar made his move running directly to the alien and made contact with his head and shoulder barging the alien backwards out into the open, throwing it to the ground.

Dark skies, torrential rain, hot air and a muddy surface, the arena was set for a battle between two great warriors. Spinning itself upright, the alien got to its feet and stood hissing awaiting another charge from the predator. Brother Boar was standing arrogantly, hitting himself across his chest inviting his opponent to strike. Leaping from the ground the alien threw itself towards its hunter, arms fully stretched with its claws ready to sink into Brother Boar's body. With a swift move Brother Boar moved aside of the attack elbowing the xenomorph away, and slicing of the tip of its tail with his gauntlet blades, but before he knew it the alien was back for another attack as it landed straight on top of him forcing him to the ground. Brother Boar had a tight grip around the aliens neck, as it snapped at him with its inner jaws, millimeters from his face. Raising its wounded tail, the alien forced it down towards Brother Boars shoulder, poking it as the acid blood corroded Brother Boars armour and seeped through burning his skin. Weakening his arm, his grip slightly loosened allowing the aliens jaws to make contact with the predators face, but just before it could, from nowhere Brother Boars left arm grabbed the inner jaw of the alien, snapping it out of the aliens head. Throwing the alien aside, Brother Boar got to his feet, ripped of his burning shoulder armour and jumped back into the battle. Sliding along the muddy ground the two warriors battled. With the alien pinned on the ground, Brother Boar stamped down his foot onto the aliens neck, bent town and pulled the domed xenomorphic head upwards, snapping its neck with his brute strength. The alien slowly ceased to move under his foot, so Brother Boar sliced through the throat and around the back of the neck of the alien as he collected his trophy, and also snapping of one of the aliens fingers before leaving the body to rot. Straightening up, Brother Boar spread his arms out with his trophies in each hand, he let out a huge roar of achievement, which echoed throughout the forest. He strapped his finger trophy to his belt and the main trophy around his back and set off back to his awaiting clan.
Arriving back at the ship, he entered into the main chamber. From a cloaked state, each clan member appeared circling Brother Boar. Borg approached him, sliced the rope from across Brother Boar's chest and took the trophy head attached to the rope, and Borg returned to the circle. Next elder approached and removed Brother Boar's bio helmet. He took the alien finger from Brother Boar's belt and stubbed it onto his head. Next he marked Brother Boar's bio helmet along the side of the crown, carving a symbol with the acid blood marking his memorable first kill for the clan. Then all the yautja let out a celebratory roar, before setting off back to their home planet.
On the journey back each yautja congratulated their newest member in their own way. Borg was in the cleaning room, skinning the trophy head and getting it ready for its presentation. Within time Elder called all clan members to the main chamber as they stood looking at their trophy wall containing trophies from each of their first hunts. Borg appeared behind the clan with the newest piece for the wall, the xenomorph skull. Borg gave the skull to Elder as he placed it upon the wall. Brother Boar was extremely proud that he was now part of the Lost Hunters. Within time the clan grew strong together, assisting each other in several hunts and forming a bond in which the Elder was proud of.

Back on the yaujta's planet, a lone warrior returned from a mission without the rest of his clan. He was the only survivor of an unsuccessful mission. The Lost Hunter clan Elder took it upon himself to add the survivor to his clan as he was a cunning warrior. However to prove himself, Elder needed a trophy. As this survivor wasn't a youngster, he had been through the xenomorph hunt, so Elder had something else in mind. With the news of a fallen comrade on planet Earth, and in which no one had returned since, Elder planned a new challenge. With a routine check on the target planet, a city showed extreme heat conditions. Not a usual environment for a hunt, but with perfect heat it was the perfect challenge.

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