A softer Side

Started by Caffeine, Jun 11, 2008, 10:34:51 PM

A softer Side (Read 704 times)



A softer side
   Vex- Predator.
   Luna- Predator, girlfriend of vex.
   Razed- Alien, born from Luna.
   Vex slowly crept through the crater with Luna, seeking out the kajara, one of the more dangerous creatures on his homeworld. The kajara lived in craters and caves, living on meat. Vex was on his first kill to kill the kajara, and his mate was passing the incitation with him. Killing a kajara was one of the stages of acceptance and killing the "hard meat" was the final and next stage. Vex and Luna had trained long and hard for this hunt, and they were not to be disappointed. A kajara stood not 20 ft away, feasting on another native. Vex and Luna took careful aim with their spears, they knew they would hit, they could hear the cheering of the young predators, and the silent approval of the elders, and Vex slowly eased the trigger backward..... SCREECH!!!! Like the a cry from hell, something leapt out of the cave to Luna's right, and tried to get onto her face. Luna waved her spear wildly, trying to hit the thing on her face, it was suffocating her, squeezing her throat until she couldn't breathe. She was falling down down......

Vex was almost frozen with fear, he recognized the thing as a spawn of the "hard meat", injecting embryos into the victim's chest. He had to get it off her face. "Hold still!" Vex took the knife he always kept around with him, all the while desperately trying to get it off her. He was failing, they both knew it. They were almost impossible to get off once they attached. Still, Vex could see if he had enough leverage, he could get it off her. He propped the knife under the spawn and steeled his muscles for the effect of the strain when.....BOOM! He had forgotten all about the kajara, and had paid the price. It dug its horn into him, but luckily, no, by pure luck, the knife had been in front of him and it impaled itself on it. Vex saw his vision cloud and he knew it was over. There was no way he could ever get the spawn off in time, or without killing Luna. Just before he blacked out, he whispered, with a heavy heart, goodbye.....Luna.

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