Review My Fanfiction Please

Started by happypred, Mar 06, 2008, 03:58:00 AM

Review My Fanfiction Please (Read 586 times)



Hi guys,

I recently finished a long-term project. I'm taking a breather, and in my spare time I've decided to practice my composition skills. What better way than to write about something fun. These two stories didn't take me long to write. The first one I started last summer but I put on hold for a long time. I completed it a few weeks ago. I took three nights to finish the second story. Though they are short, I put a lot of care into them. I posted them in the fanfiction board but it seems that that section is only frequented by a few forum members. That's why I'm posting the links in the general a/p and literature boards. Please tell me what you think.


First Encounter


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