Aliens: Biological Weapons short story rough draft

Started by Vader the White, Mar 04, 2008, 11:46:33 PM

Aliens: Biological Weapons short story rough draft (Read 885 times)

Vader the White

Vader the White

This is the prototype story I'm writing.

Aliens: Biological Weapons

   I have loved the alien creature since I was in elementary school. There was a picture of the costume of the alien in the first movie and I fell in love. March 2005 I saw AVP. 2006 I heard of AVP2 coming out August 2007 (of course, the date as delayed). On March 1st, I joined AVPGalaxy. One thing I have always wanted to clear up as a fan is the life cycle of the alien. I feel it is needed after AVP-R's queen theory and Alien 3's queen theory. I decided to do it in a fan fic. Enjoy.

LV-427, Weyland-Yutani Corp. Bioweapons Division Facility
Head Scientist Dr. Simon Lugosi
Notes on I. raptus. (common names: xenomorph, alien, bug)
Queen development paths

03/12/2183   14:46 EST

   We received notes on the known queen formation seen on the Sulaco to Fury 161. Queen secretly lays special egg with a "super" face hugger, able to lay two embryos, the first a Queen, the second a warrior to protect host and later Queen. We have been wondering what happens when there is no I. raptus Queen, but only a warrior. The warrior has been born 0100 hours ago. The xeno is growing at an amazing rate! I can't wait to see the adult. Once there, send in the death row prisoners.

03/19/2183   15:24 EST

   The warrior is transforming into a Queen!!!! Apparently, the Fury 161 Queen that was destroyed was formed when there is only a Queen and no warriors. When this happens, the Queen lays an egg to insure a new hive. Our Queen is forming because there is only warriors, no queen. One warrior starts to change into a queen. After 3 days, the young queen can lay embryos into the mouth and into the chest cavity and shortly afterwards is a triple birth, and grow the chartbusters grow in under 3 hours! The problem is the busters are inferior and are very stupid in comparison to a face hugger born alien, and the "kiss of death" is only to start a hive. We are sending in more as soon as there is a egg sack and eggs.

03/25/2183   15:00 EST

   The queen is fully grown. She is amazing. I can't believe my eyes. We are sending in more prisoners to create a huge hive!

04/12/2183   23:59 EST

   They have escaped! We cannot stop them. I regret doing this experiment. I thought only the prisoners would be killed. Please forgive me.

This was the last entry. Investagation and recovery mission will begin soon.

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