Revisement of the Aliens: New Infection Story

Started by assassinator24, Feb 15, 2008, 09:51:26 PM

Revisement of the Aliens: New Infection Story (Read 707 times)


As some of you will now know, it seems that i started the story to far into the action without you all really getting to know the characters. Don't worry, the tension and intense action will still be present no doubt, but i am rewriting the story out of not only just for the fact that i want the readers to learn more about the characters, but also to provide some insight on the motivations of the UMS (United Military Systems) and the newly revived Weyland Yutani corporation. So with that being said, the rewrite should posted sometime tonight or tommorrow. i just want to make sure that its you liking as well as mine......

Peace out all ma Pred and Alien homies.

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