(Some?) Alien films for blu-ray in 2008

Started by Keyes, Jul 13, 2007, 03:15:16 PM

(Some?) Alien films for blu-ray in 2008 (Read 5,292 times)


Heres hoping for an actual new transfer of aliens along with a full frame by frame restoration, for a movie that has generally been accepted as the best textbook example of action/sci-fi in history it has never really had the picture and sound treatment it deserves.

The sound also needs remastering from scratch, and it would be nice to see it finally in dts master audio.


Yeah, I hope they come out with an extremely good transfer of Aliens.  I fear the original master may be just grainy though.  I wouldn't want noise reduction either because that tends to make some ugly side effects in HD.


theres something somewhat endearing about the graininess of the original Alien movie. i dont know if its just because ive seen it 100 times like in that format (originally on VHS and then the DVD collectors Edition) or because it actually benefits the look/feel of the film -- but i think a cleanup of the masters would almost be a disservice.

that being said, i think an HD/Blu Ray release would be fantastic if not for the audio alone. watching the entire collectors edition in one sitting for the first time (in 5.1 DTS) was like seeing it in theaters again for the first time.


i thought the fisrt texes chansaw masecer looked better on vhs cuz it was more ameture looking and creepy.

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