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Started by alienfan95610, Dec 13, 2009, 05:30:10 AM

HUGE sale on (Read 928 times)



Hey fellow fans.....

Was surfing around tonight and found the following Aliens DVD's with HUGE discounts....

Alien Quadrilogy...brand new.....$25.48...and it qualifies for free shipping!

Alien Vs Predator: The Unrated 2 disc Special Edition....brand new....$6.99

Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem 2 disc Unrated Special Edition....brand new....$6.99

For those of you you don't have them yet...go get them and save some serious cash!!!!




on the alien quadrilogy is only £10.07!!! with free shipping, that's only like $15 USD, that's the first time ever i have seen something cheaper in the UK than US, lol.

AVP, 2 disc unrated is £4.99, so that's $7.50, so a bit more expensive
and AVPR 2 disc unrated is £5.47, which is $8.24, again more expensive, but adding all 3 together it's still cheaper in the UK

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