Question about region 2 of AVP-R DVD

Started by xeno.king123, Feb 21, 2008, 06:52:58 PM

Question about region 2 of AVP-R DVD (Read 858 times)


Will the extended version of the movie (the one with the extended opening, graveward scene, etc...) going to be released in Europe ? I only have a region 2 DVD player and I'd really love to see this version of the movie.

P.S. Is this the version with the predalien cover ?

Thx for the answers


The final specs of the R2 version still haven't been reelased. Most likely, yes.


Your DVD player might be multi regional but you just haven't unlocked it yet. Most DVD players are, as the region code is put in after the production process. If you know what make and what number your DVD player is then im sure you could find a way of "hacking" it.

This website lists all the known region 2 DVD players which can be made multi regional. Most video game consoles cannot be made multi regional however.

It is totally legal to do this although it is in some ways frowned upon. If you do find your DVD player then you are covered from both ways.

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